Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight

Marsha Rushton

From her love for our dynamic Pilates reformer classes to her dream of living sustainably, Marsha shares how she balances her fitness goals with her passions outside the gym. Discover the vibrant community spirit that keeps her motivated and why she believes Element Fitness is more than just a gym. Get ready to be inspired by Marsha’s story in our latest Member Spotlight!

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Reta Fullager

Are you considering joining a gym but feel a bit intimidated? Meet Reta Fullager, a proud member of Element Fitness Health Club, who shares her transformative journey with our Reformer Pilates classes. 🤸‍♀️ From improving balance, mobility, and strength, to finding a program that perfectly suits her needs - Reta’s story is truly inspiring! 💪 Click the link to read more about Reta’s fitness journey and how you can start your own at Element Fitness

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Jeremy Samson

Discover the inspiring fitness journey of our member Jeremy Samson, the passionate founder of Time 2 Train. From remarkable improvements in his own wellbeing to empowering the autism community, Jeremy's story is a testament to the transformative power of fitness. Join us as we delve into his achievements, fitness insights, and how he balances his busy life with his fitness goals.

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Robbie Fuller

Has been with Element Fitness for just over a year and is one of our most consistent members training 6 days a week and has already clocked over 180 visits since joining in 2021. He loves the atmosphere here at Element. He says the staff are always friendly and welcoming and enjoys interacting with other members while he is training.

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Woman bodypump class
Woman bodypump class, Nunawading gym

Natalie Haslam

For the first time in my life, going to the gym and exercising is a part of my day. I start most days with a workout or a walk to wake up my mind, body and spirit for the day ahead. I don't feel like I need to balance exercise with the rest of my life, exercise is just a part of my routine now and I am so much better for it. My advice for anyone is to start now, don't over think it, the hardest part is starting, start slowly with small goals, build up to the bigger goals, take one day at a time.

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Raffaela Adam

Lasantha has a wealth of knowledge and understands my body’s limitations coming back from such a major injury. He’s given me a good strength exercises and works with me to gradually build up the muscles that have wasted away, and I am now getting to that phase where I can start to incorporate some much needed cardio into the training as well, which my body has missed.

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Heather Hawkins

I joined as I was looking for a place with a rig to do weightlifting but also the flexibility of classes. Pilates has been my constant when I've not had the motivation to make it to workout in the gym. The team at Element have brought a community where you are met with a wave and a hello when you come in.

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Element Fitness Member spotlight
Element Fitness Member spotlight - Colin Barnard

Colin Barnard

Colin has been member of Element for 8 years! He has achieved significant weight loss and says that "Exercising has also been good for my mind body and soul." "I love training at Element because the gym is nice and clean. The staff are really friendly. Big mention to the pts especially Teena!"

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Nicole Edwards

I started with Dwayne after I had had some medical procedures done and gained weight. I didn’t like the way I looked and that impacted my self- esteem and my confidence. Dwayne has been fantastic. I am stronger now and have more of an idea about nutrition. I have dropped 2-3 sizes in my clothes and I am getting my cardio fitness back to where it was.

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Cate Press

The challenge has also had me reflecting on my personal journey towards health and fitness. I am currently two and a half years into this journey, and I plan on staying the course for the rest of my life. When I re-joined the gym two and a half years ago I was unfit and unhealthy. I was definitely carrying more weight than I should. I am proud of what I have achieved since then. I need to keep in mind and remember just how far I have come. Some days I look at my body and it doesn’t look like my body. I am probably in the best shape that I have ever been in my entire life.

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Chris McCarty

Before I joined the Gym, I would spend 8 hours plus a day in meetings or hunched over a computer. This developed poor posture and tension in my neck, shoulders and back leading to regular chiropractor appointments and almost weekly neck massages to relieve the knots. Since I began training and subsequently retired from paid work, I have not needed an appointment with the Chiropractor and only get a neck massage around six times a year. I now walk with much more freedom and I am pain free.

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Renee Burchill

I remember telling Lasantha that one of my fitness goals was just to generally "tone up" and I don't think I actually knew what that meant. Lasantha has given me a great leeway into the world of fitness and has helped me really make use of my membership in terms of using the vast amount of equipment that the gym has to offer. The overall environment and atmosphere at Element has always been so welcoming and friendly, all the equipment is clean and organised and the classes are well run too. 

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Wanty Widjaja

I am very grateful to be part of the virtual Element fitness community and it has been great doing virtual classes with the crew at Element during lockdown in Melbourne. I have enjoyed the interaction with all the instructors and other members. It is hard to stay motivated when you exercise at home by yourself so having virtual classes really help

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