Element Fitness Member spotlight

Colin has been member of Element for 8 years! He has achieved significant weight loss and says that

“Exercising has also been good for my mind body and soul.”

“I love training at Element because the gym is nice and clean. The staff are really friendly. Big mention to the pts especially Teena!”

I love training at Element because it has a good atmosphere, Friendly staff, and a good crew of trainees.
Through training with Lasantha my strength has improved, my weight has dropped and my ability to combine complex exercise  has also improved. 

I started with Dwayne after I had had some medical procedures done and gained weight. I didn’t like the way I looked and that impacted my self- esteem and my confidence. Dwayne has been fantastic. I am stronger now and have more of an idea about nutrition. I have dropped 2-3 sizes in my clothes and I am getting my cardio fitness back to where it was.

Cate Press

The challenge has also had me reflecting on my personal journey towards health and fitness. I am currently two and a half years into this journey, and I plan on staying the course for the rest of my life. When I re-joined the gym two and a half years ago I was unfit and unhealthy. I was definitely carrying more weight than I should. I am proud of what I have achieved since then. I need to keep in mind and remember just how far I have come. Some days I look at my body and it doesn’t look like my body. I am probably in the best shape that I have ever been in my entire life.

Chris McCarty

Before I joined the Gym, I would spend 8 hours plus a day in meetings or hunched over a computer. This developed poor posture and tension in my neck, shoulders and back leading to regular chiropractor appointments and almost weekly neck massages to relieve the knots. Since I began training and subsequently retired from paid work, I have not needed an appointment with the Chiropractor and only get a neck massage around six times a year. I now walk with much more freedom and I am pain free.

Renee Burchill

I remember telling Lasantha that one of my fitness goals was just to generally “tone up” and I don’t think I actually knew what that meant. Lasantha has given me a great leeway into the world of fitness and has helped me really make use of my membership in terms of using the vast amount of equipment that the gym has to offer.

The overall environment and atmosphere at Element has always been so welcoming and friendly, all the equipment is clean and organised and the classes are well run too. 

Franca Potenzi

I love all the friendly staff and the other gym members. I’m always greeted at the door, and everyone is always nice and friendly. The equipment at the gym is great, it’s close and convenient for me.

Nicole Nattrass

It’s so nice to be back at a smaller gym like Element where everyone is so friendly, all the members, instructors and reception staff. I always feel so welcome, Element is such an inclusive gym and I feel really connected and comfortable here.

Jennifer Jiang

I’ve joined the Virtual classes in April since the first lock down started. I enjoy the varieties and well balanced classes offered each week. Because it’s virtual, I have the convenience and time flexibility to try most of the classes and include my favorite classes into my daily routine.

Wanty Widjaja

I am very grateful to be part of the virtual Element fitness community and it has been great doing virtual classes with the crew at Element during lockdown in Melbourne. I have enjoyed the interaction with all the instructors and other members. It is hard to stay motivated when you exercise at home by yourself so having virtual classes really help

During the second lockdown Craig has dedicated himself to a better diet and attending many of Element’s virtual classes.

“I have have lost 10.8kg in just over 2 months! ?‍♂‍”

Every day l have either been doing a class or a recorded class l have lost 2 kilos. Very happy with this little win

Gloria Sun

Working out regularly has improved my body shape and fitness levels. I’ve made some great friends that I love to work out with, and it feels good to have this time to myself to work on ME!

I joined the gym last July after a period of a couple of years of some health concerns that resulted in weight gain and chronic pain & fatigue.I was made to feel comfortable immediately by the wonderful staff and I was introduced to my PT Teena as well. Joining and doing training with Teena has

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Cam Chivers

Element Fitness Has Changed My Perspective On Health And Fitness And Has Changed My Life For The Better. Cam Lost 10 – 12 Kgs Within 3 Months WOW

Kate Brydson

Since Element Fitness Health Club Opening In July 2018 She Has Tallied Up Over 500 Visits. That Is Over 1 Per Day

Steve Read

Steve Is Training For A 50km Run From Hut To Hut At Mt Buller In February. It Is Called ARCHIE.