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Julia Lockwood

What made you start doing Reformer Pilates?

Mainly to help with back pain and to increase my flexibility.

What results have you found doing Reformer Pilates?

Improved flexibility and much less lower back pain, less visits to osteo, Happily have lost a lot of cm’s from all parts of my body. Especially abdomen have lost 10cm.

How do you feel now?

I feel fit and a lot healthier. Clothes fit better too.

Any specific goals you have for the future?

I want to continue this journey to see how much further I can go.  I’m hoping  I will eventually not be quite so stiff after classes.  And I still want my Hips to be more flexible and strong.

How do you balance doing Reformer Pilates classes and your life?

I have committed to attending every day that my work which is usually after hours allows. That’s why the morning sessions have worked so well for me. I try to attend 4+ classes per week, sometimes more, rarely less.

Any advice to others looking to start Reformer Pilates?

Give it a go, nothing to lose ( except cm) If I can achieve what I have at my age( not saying) then anyone can do it, Try, build up and see the results.

Favourite go to dish?

Pork Belly ! always order this when I go out.

What do you love about training at Element?

The friendliness of the staff, they are interested in you and take care not to overstretch your capabilities. Have also met some other members  that I chat a lot too.

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