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Check out Cate’s thoughts in her own words on the 28 day challenge so far. Cate is one of our favourites at Element with such a great attitude and outlook on life we love having her as a part of the Element family.
Musings on two weeks into the 28 Day Challenge
I signed up for the 28 day challenge for the hits and giggles of it and to help me refocus on what I was doing re my health and fitness. I came into it feeling like I was doing quite well and that I had a reasonable level of fitness.
Two weeks in now and I have had all that complacency blown away. The group challenge classes that Lasantha has been leading have been tough. Tougher than I had anticipated. In some ways I have been coping better than I thought I would. While I have been getting puffed doing them, I have coped better than I would have in the past. So that is a plus. However, when it comes to core strength and functional fitness I feel like I am sorely lacking. I would swear that one of the moves that Lasantha was demonstrating for us is more a form of black magic than a real exercise. (On your knees on the mat and then jumping up onto your feet. The only way I could approximate that move was by leaning forwards onto my hands – which Lasantha did NOT do.)
So the challenge is being a lot more challenging than I had anticipated.
The challenge has also had me reflecting on my personal journey towards health and fitness. I am currently two and a half years into this journey, and I plan on staying the course for the rest of my life.
When I re-joined the gym two and a half years ago I was unfit and unhealthy. I was definitely carrying more weight than I should. I am proud of what I have achieved since then. I need to keep in mind and remember just how far I have come. Some days I look at my body and it doesn’t look like my body. I am probably in the best shape that I have ever been in my entire life.
So two weeks into this challenge and I am loving it. Despite the challenges, despite the frustrations (I am so slow at doing some of the combinations that I feel like I am lagging behind), despite having had a little bit of a lapse last night – I blame my husband he opened the bottle of sparkling wine. I feel like I am achieving the personal goals that I set for myself at the beginning. I am motivated again and re-energised for continuing on my health and fitness journey.
Well done Cate 😍