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Robbie Fuller

What do you love about training at Element?

I love the community within the gym, I always feel safe training with fellow members

Any specific goals you have for the future?

My goal for the future would be to pursue my dream of being a body builder. Hence I go to this gym, where the equipment allows me to pursue this goal.

What are the some of the results you have achieved?

Over my time at this gym I have achieved a new mindset and physical statue. Going to this gym has improved my mental health and it has granted me with a physique I am happy with


How do you balance gym and your life? 

Although my social life and gym life to often merge into 1, I am still attending school so I have homework to complete every night, often this does not cause problems with less time being spent on school work because, it cuts back on my screen time, thus making me use my time in a much more beneficial way.

Any advice to others looking to get started with their health and fitness goals?

My biggest advice to anyone who is trying to be healthy or gain muscle is to make sure their diet it correct. From my own experiences I have found that the correct diet will account for majority of the larger portion of health and muscle development, with the body needing optimal proteins, carbs, calories and fats to properly function, thus allowing for the most change.

Favourite go to dish?

You cannot go wrong with a good chicken and rice. I cook 350g of chicken (well seasoned), and add 120g of basmati rice, then add sweet baby rays, 150g Greek yogurt and lemon juice to taste. Macros are 759 calories, 51.9g carbs, 15.9g fat, and 93.4g of protein

Favourite exercise?

I most enjoy deadlifts and bench press. Although the movements are not my main muscle gainers, they are the most enjoyable and give you an amazing rush after a good set

Favourite Sporting team?

Geelong the 2022 premiership winners, and Chelsea FC from the premier league

Least favourite exercise?