Peter Edwards

Peter is the hardworking winner of the Element of Surprise 12 Week Challenge

Peter dropped his total BMI by 1, he lost 3.4 kgs and 0.4% body fat.

He has won a $400 travel voucher and most importantly is fitter and healthier than when he started.

A huge transformation and well done to one of our long serving members who takes on any challenge he gets.

Go Peter!!!

Pre Challenge

Peter is a long time member who wanted to get in better shape. He participated in our first Challenge and had high cholesterol prior to Challenge 1 and dropped these numbers by 20%; well into the normal range. Drug free reduction = Happy days, though my Doctor told me that I now have to keep up the work!

And finally, I want to be able to keep up with my hot wife; she is amazing and that is how I am trying to tackle this challenge.

The numbers Weight 98.7kg PBF 17.1%

Looking to hit weight 93kg PBF circa 12% (yes way beyond my InBody scan)

And finally, thank you for the opportunity, without the structure of the challenges and support around the gym by you, your staff and members, I would not have achieved what I have to date, or realised what is possible

I want a body like Zac Efron in Baywatch – simple.

It’s time to get my Zac body on.

Post Challenge

Nothing like having measurable goals to assess one’s performance – it was a strong start and quick, OMG only a week to go. Well I feel I got my Zac shoulders and chest – but dropped short on shedding more body fat and greater weight loss (my second scan said I now need to drop another 2.1kg of fat; so I just should have done it within the challenge.

Firstly I would like to thank you and your team for outstanding support and encouragement throughout the challenge. I took up new group classes and especially enjoyed Craig’s grit and CX classes. I plan on continuing my group classes. Lasantha as always pushes me and I enjoyed my one on one PT sessions with him. The group classes bringing us together were fun and different. The weekly recipes were a hit and chilli con carne and the veg curry have become staples in my recipe lists.

I do feel stronger and fitter. My tennis has improved and I don’t have a sore back which is wonderful.

Looking forward to challenge 3!