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Kate Brydson

Since the opening of Element Fitness Health Club in July 2018 you have tallied up over 500 visits to the club. That’s over 1 per day. That’s incredible. What motivates you to come in so regularly?

I come on a regular basis because I know how important exercise is to our health, both physical and mental.

Favourite Class?

No one favourite class but I do love the challenge of Grit Strength, Sprint & Fit45.

Favourite instructor?

I would get in trouble if I singled out one, they are all great and motivating.

What do you do outside the Club?

Other than work as a first aid officer and administration at a Primary School, I love to read, walk my dog; sewing and gardening when I get motivated!

How do you fit in training around your other commitments?

6am classes are great to start the day and evening classes fit in well for me.

Have you got any tips for other members?

Do what you can when you can, make it a habit.

Even when you don’t feel like exercising just get to the gym and do a workout, you will feel better for making the effort.