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Steve Read


How long have you been a member for?

I have been a member for over 10 years, long time now that you think of it but I have loved it.

Are you training for anything specific at the moment?

I am training for a 50km run from hut to hut at Mt Buller in February. It is called ARCHIE.

You have just recently signed up to reformers pilates, how have you enjoyed it so far?

At first, I was hesitant but surprisingly I have really enjoyed it. All the instructors are fantastic, but my favourite is Claire as she explains the exercises perfectly for all levels, and I was amazed at how challenging it is.

Has doing reformer pilates helped your running or strength training?

I first started doing reformer pilates to help reduce my lower back pain which I have had for many years. Since starting 4 months ago and doing 2 classes a week I have no lower back pain at all. I thought it might help but to have zero awareness just shows how beneficial it is. It was a last resort for me as I really struggled with weights and running it was that sore. Now I am back to my normal self and doing weights and running with no back pain. I feel a lot stronger in my core and legs as well.

What motivates you to train as much as you do?

Seeing other people training hard really motivates me, not your instagram person who spends most of their time looking in the mirror taking photos of themselves and posting it. It’s the person who works hard all day, goes to the gym and trains, they just get it done. That is what motivates me. It’s the person who is injured or has a disability and is giving their all. It is more of a habit now, a way of life that gets me to the gym and something I’ll do forever.