Member Spotlight - Amy To

Amy To

How long have you been a member of Element Fitness for? Over 2 years 

What do you love about training at Element?  I love training at Element because of the fun and friendly culture. The staff are professional and friendly who always have time for questions or feedback. The members are sociable and motivated.

Any specific goals you have for the future? My long term fitness goal is to create a healthy lifestyle and to maintain my flexibility and strength. My short term goal is lose 2kg by October for my nephew’s wedding.  

What are the some of the results you have achieved? One of my greatest achievements in being with Element Fitness is to learn how to do burpees and did the 100 burpees challenge with my community.

How do you balance gym and your life?  I suffered chronic back pain when I was 32 ( 15 years ago ) and since then I made fitness a priority in my life. I see health fitness as an investment into my quality of life. 

Any advice to others looking to get started with their health and fitness goals? 

My 3 pieces of advice to others looking to get started with their health and fitness goals are:

  1. Make it fun! 
  2. Join a like-minded community like Element Fitness
  3. Celebrate small wins! 

 Favourite go to dish? 

My favourite go to dish Amor Mexico’s Health Bowl ! Yummmm!

Favourite exercise or class? 

My favourite classes are BodyBalance, BodyPump, Yoga, Reformer Pilates and LM Core.  I am looking forward to trying the RPM and Konga class at Element Fitness!

Treadmills and Cross Training are my favourite pieces equipment!

Favourite Sporting team?  LOL that is a political question! I prefer to make friends than enemies.

Least favourite exercise? My least favourite exercise – hmmm don’t really have one. Depends on my mood on the day!

What is something that not many people know about you?

I own and run a Mexican restaurant, Amor Mexico ( ), in Blackburn for over 18 years BUT I can’t cook! LOL

We love having Amy as a member of our Element family!