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Heather Hawkins

How long have you been a member of Element Fitness for?

 I’ve been here since 2016. 

What do you love about training at Element?

I joined as I was looking for a place with a rig to do weightlifting but also the flexibility of classes. Pilates has been my constant when I’ve not had the motivation to make it to workout in the gym. The team at Element have brought a community where you are met with a wave and a hello when you come in. 

You recently completed our 28 day challenge and took out first prize! How did you find it?

By the end of the challenge I felt heathier, I had more energy and got my consistency back in training and healthy habits. 

Any specific goals you have for the future?

I’d like to continue to improve my strength. I’ve still got the goal to be able to string 10 chin ups together and get my deadlift back up to 100kg. 

What are the some of the results you have achieved?

By the end of the challenge I was healthier and had more energy.  The best habit I had reformed was consistency in training. I was able to train 4 days a week and ensure I was active every day. I had stopped make excuses to train. 

How do you balance gym and your life? 

The challenge at home was brilliant as I could work it around the kids. 

When the gym is open I find an evening class or workout is good for once kids are in bed or make sure I take the time on a weekend. 

I have the attitude that turning up is better than perfection. I’ve never regretted a work out.

Any advice to others looking to get started with their health and fitness goals?

Make small permanent changes. 

The three changes I made were

  1. Reduce portion sizes. Mine had really crept up in lockdown.
  2. Be active everyday but that doesn’t mean you have to train hard every day.
  3. Stop snacking after dinner. 

Favourite go to dish?

Breakfast bowl with eggs and green veggies.

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