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Nicole Nattrass

“It’s so nice to be back at a smaller gym like Element where everyone is so friendly, all the members, instructors and reception staff. I always feel so welcome, Element is such an inclusive gym and I feel really connected and comfortable here.

I was feeling very unfit after covid, returning to the gym felt a bit overwhelming but the instructors are all so encouraging and make it so much fun as well as working hard to get results. In group fitness classes everyone is felt to be part of the group, instructors make it so inclusive and  motivating.  By participating in group fitness classes it has built my confidence back as my fitness and strength has returned.  I love the timetable, the programs and times are great, there are classes everyday to attend.

I love the small size, it’s not too overwhelming especially if you are just starting out. It’s working out with all my best friends! All the instructors are so experienced and the best in the business!

My favourite classes are Body attack,  Pump and Combat.  Group fitness is so much fun here, great members and instructors, you’re on a high at the end, endorphins give you your daily does of happiness! “

Great work Nicole 😃