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Jennifer Jiang

What have you enjoyed most about the virtual classes?
I’ve joined the Virtual classes  in April since the first lock down started. I enjoy the varieties and well balanced classes offered each week. Because it’s virtual, I have the convenience and time flexibility to try most of the classes and include my favorite classes into my daily routine. 

When the gym was open what was your normal routine like?
I used to attend 3-4 times per week group classes in the gym centre, but now I am doing every day at home virtually. 

How have the classes helped keep you fit during lock down?
I am able to maintain my exercises routine and fitness level.  Daily exercise also helps relief the pressures from work and home schoolings.  Similar to many others, I spent more time in cooking and baking during the lock down period, so being able to maintain my weight (and not increase) is another achieved goal .

How have you kept yourself busy during lock down?
I am full time working mum , with 2 school aged kids.  You can imagine my daily life is not going to be boring and relaxing anyway.  I have to admit the benefit of lock down saved my time of being “Taxi Driver” for the kids and I invested all this saved time to my Virtual gym. Smart choice!

What has your favourite class been and why?
It’s really hard to say, as I like them all and fulfil my week. The classes I attended most are resistance training, cardio fusion, Combat, HIIT, Yoga and Pilates 

Would you recommend the classes to other people?
Absolutely! I’d like to see more members joining the virtual classes everyday . 

Any classes you have tried for the first time and have you continued doing them?
HIIT and Pilates.   When Gym is open again, I will tend to attend HIIT classes in centre and I hope there will be some Pilates class offered too.