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Franca Potenzi

What do you enjoy about coming to Element Fitness Health Club?

I love all the friendly staff and the other gym members. I’m always greeted at the door, and everyone is always nice and friendly. The equipment at the gym is great, it’s close and convenient for me.

I love the Group Fitness classes, there’s a great range of classes and I never get bored, and all the instructors are professional and motivating, and I love that 55 minute formats are back! I’m so happy to get up in the morning and go to the gym, I get excited about going and I feel like this club is at such a high standard.

What are your favourite classes?

At the moment I’m enjoying BodyPump the most, but I also love the BodyCombat classes, and BodyAttack used to be my favourite class and I’m so excited it is now back on the timetable. I’m also really enjoying Freestyle Step, it’s great that it’s on the timetable as it’s not on in many gyms, it’s a really fun and different class and I’m so glad Element now has it.