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Wanty Widjaja

What have you enjoyed most about the virtual classes? I have enjoyed the interaction with all the instructors and other members. It is hard to stay motivated when you exercise at home by yourself so having virtual classes really help.

When the gym was open what was your normal routine like? My routine involved a mix of different classes (this was a routine in another gym before lockdown): strength classes (body pump, cxworx), cardio classes (zumba, tone), yoga, body balance, barre attack and pilates. On the weekends, my routine would be doing a zumba class, a body pump class followed by a yoga class.   
How have the classes helped keep you fit during lock down? During lock down, the classes helped me to stay active and maintain my fitness level. 

How have you kept yourself busy during lock down? I have been working from home during lock down and doing virtual classes with Element fitness and Genesis Box Hill fitness.What has your favourite class been and why? A difficult question because I enjoyed all of the virtual classes for different reasons. My favourites are zumba and cardio fusion. They are fun and I love the songs.  

Would you recommend the classes to other people?

Any classes you have tried for the first time and have you continued doing them? Cardio combat, HIIT and cardio fusion classes were new to me. I am still learning the routines but I have truly enjoyed them