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Renee Burchill

What made you start personal training with Lasantha? 

I had always been pretty active in terms of participating in school sports and dance etc, but the gym was initially a really daunting place for me. When I first joined Element three years ago I didn’t have any prior substantial knowledge about fitness or how to reach goals. I remember telling Lasantha that one of my fitness goals was just to generally “tone up” and I don’t think I actually knew what that meant. Lasantha has given me a great leeway into the world of fitness and has helped me really make use of my membership in terms of using the vast amount of equipment that the gym has to offer.

How have you found the training/advice and motivation Lasantha has given you?

Lasantha has consistently pushed me and motivated me to reach milestones in the gym and achieve my goals. My goals have generally never been about weight loss, however I always found it hard to build muscle and overall feel stronger, the advice and training that Lasantha has offered me has definitely given me the opportunity to meet those goals in a safe and consistent way. 

How do you feel now? 

I feel so much more confident using the equipment in the gym and performing compound movements safely and effectively. I feel stronger and generally less tired throughout the day! I think getting started at the gym was almost as much about headspace as it was about physically getting healthier, and consistently going to the gym has given me an outlet to improve on both those things. 

Any specific goals you have for the future? 

Since Lasantha has introduced me to the sport of boxing, one of my main goals is to continue to push myself to get better and better at the sport. Especially since boxing always seemed inaccessible and intimidating for a thin 15 year old, I really appreciate that Lasantha recognised it could be something that I could enjoy. I really love the fact that you have to both think about your movements and perform with strength. 

What are the some of the results you have achieved?

I’ve gained muscle and like to think that I’ve accomplished my initial goal to “tone up”, but like anyone there are so many more goals I hope to reach in the future like lifting a certain weight with my deadlifts and back squats etc. Lasantha has also really helped with my form with so many of those conventional exercises that could’ve been pretty dangerous performing with my lack of knowledge three years ago, hence I’m actually able to continue with my progressive overload harmlessly. 

How do you balance gym and your life?

I can’t say it’s always balanced, but I try to prioritise exercise when planning out my day. I just finished year twelve, and coming into working more often and uni, I just always make sure to set aside time to be active especially because it helps with my mental clarity and focus — really glad the gyms were open just in time for my exams last year, gave me a break!

Any advice to others looking to get started?

Stay consistent! The gym can so easily become a chore, but I recommend giving a lot of the classes at the gym a go and you’re pretty much bound to find something you like and look forward to showing up to.

Favourite go to dish?

Anything mexican, so probably a burrito bowl or tacos. 

Favourite exercise?

Deadlifts, and I’ve really been loving sprint or RPM lately!

Least favourite exercise?

Probably the lying leg curl machine, it never gets easier.

What do you love about training at Element?

The overall environment and atmosphere at Element has always been so welcoming and friendly, all the equipment is clean and organised and the classes are well run too.