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Cam Chivers


Are you training for anything specific at the moment? What are your fitness goals?

Originally my goal was to lose 10-12 kg’s which I did within 3 months of regular training and clean eating then I discovered that if I increase the size of the weight I was lifting and eating in a slight caloric surplus I could gain more lean mass whilst still looking lean. Element Fitness has changed my perspective on health and fitness and has changed my life for the better.

What motivates you to come into the gym on a regular basis?

Knowing the plans I have in place around my training are making a massive difference to my physique, my mental health and my eating. I used to dread coming into the gym when I was younger because it seemed like such an effort, but with the stresses of daily life it is a time where I can switch off and focus on maintaining my goals.

What does life outside of the gym look like? Work? Family?

I am an Area Manager for a freight/logistics company which keeps me busy. I have a great partner who does a lot of my meal prep for me due to my work schedule and I have an 18-year-old son who is a very talented footballer who played with the Eastern Ranges but got cut due to a knee injury (it’s a cut throat game)

Have you got a go to favorite meal?

All-time favorite meal would be Pizza, but I eat Chicken, Rice and Broccoli for dinner 3-4 nights a week and am not sick of it yet so that would be up there as well.

What’s planned for Christmas? Holiday? Family lunch?

Lots of family activities, lots of cheat meals and a couple of weeks in Rye over the new year to recover!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I played football with the Oakleigh Chargers many years ago where I had Collingwood scouts out to watch me and a couple of teammates play, I thought I might be a chance to be drafted but they picked Chris Tarrant instead (I was NO CHANCE to get drafted, I just like to tell people I was better than I was!!)