Woman bodypump class
Woman bodypump class, Nunawading gym

Natalie Haslam

How long have you been a member of Element Fitness for?

I think it is 12 months now

What do you love about training at Element?

I love all the different equipment, the workouts that Lasantha prepares for me, class options and the friendliness of members and the Elements Fitness team. 

Any specific goals you have for the future?

My goal is to increase my muscle mass and reduce my overall clothing size. I have spent my entire life trying to lose weight, I no longer care about my weight, rather I focus on my health, how my clothes fit, physical fitness and strength. 

What are the some of the results you have achieved?

Since starting in February 2021 I have dropped a clothing size, I can now jog 5km (only walking occasionally). On average the weight I can lift within my routine have doubled and my ongoing back problems seem to have dissipated substantially.

How do you balance gym and your life?

For the first time in my life, going to the gym and exercising is a part of my day. I start most days with a workout or a walk to wake up my mind, body and spirit for the day ahead. I don’t feel like I need to balance exercise with the rest of my life, exercise is just a part of my routine now and I am so much better for it.

Any advice to others looking to get started with their health and fitness goals?

My advice is to start now, don’t over think it, the hardest part is starting, start slowly with small goals, build up to the bigger goals, take one day at a time.

Favourite go to dish?

Greek yogurt, cinnamon, banana and raw almonds.

Favourite exercise?

Hmmm that’s a hard one, I love all of them once they are over 😉

I’m really enjoying a morning run through the bush, yoga on a saturday morning and can’t wait to get back to a good weights session at the gym.

Favourite Sporting team?

Collingwood – chosen at the wise age of 3 because my uncle played for them and their colors go with every other color on the spectrum.

Least favourite exercise?

Riding a bike – there is no such thing as a comfortable bike seat.

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