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Raffaela Adam

What made you start personal training with Lasantha? 

I broke both bones in my leg and dislocated my ankle in April last year. As a result I was unable to do much exercise for six months, so lost a lot of muscle and my fitness levels were very mediocre. I knew I wanted to get back to the gym, but after a short couple of sessions on the bike and cross trainer, realised that I needed expert help & started training with Lasantha. 

How have you found the training/advice and motivation Lasantha has given you? 

Lasantha has a wealth of knowledge and understands my body’s limitations coming back from such a major injury. He’s given me a good strength exercises and works with me to gradually build up the muscles that have wasted away, and I am now getting to that phase where I can start to incorporate some much needed cardio into the training as well, which my body has missed. 

How do you feel now? 

 My body is stronger and I am moving more easily now. I feel fitter, although I still need to work more on my cardio fitness. I am getting back to my pre-injury body back, and hopefully some more soon. 

Any specific goals you have for the future? 

I don’t have any specific goals at this stage as recovery from this type of injury is usually 12 months and I still have 1 more surgery ahead of me in the near future, however I do want to get back to participating in my local Parkruns & getting back into regular hiking activities, which have been on hold since the injury. 

What are the some of the results you have achieved? 

My biggest moment was just before Christmas when I was able to do a full plank for 1 minute. I was overjoyed as a month earlier I tried and my ankle couldn’t take the pressure at all. 

How do you balance gym and your life? 

Bruce & I have been members at Elements for 4 years now and I think that because we enjoy exercising together going to the gym is just part of our weekly routine. Occasionally we get busy with work and other aspects & don’t get to do as many weekly sessions we want, but going to the gym and exercise is an integral part of our life and staying healthy for the long term. It was difficult when I broke my leg and of course all the lockdowns, but hopefully that is all behind us now. 

Any advice to others looking to get started? 

It’s easy enough to sign up to a gym, but to have someone with the expertise that can help you target your needs, and also guide you with the equipment, to continually build a better you, is a great motivation. With a personal trainer, you get so much more out of a session. 

Favourite go to dish? 


Favourite exercise? 

Weights – back squats. I used to enjoy jogging before I broke my leg!  

Least favourite exercise? 


What do you love about training at Element? 

I love that the gym is clean and spacious, there is plenty of good equipment available for use, the staff are great and they’re always willing to help with any of my questions.