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Sandra Gough


How long have you been a member here?

I’ve  been a member since day 1. It is my happy place and part of my life for such a long time.

What do you love about the Club?

I love the club especially the members and staff. My favorite being Teena my Personal Trainer. I enjoy being able to incorporate fitness as part of my daily routine as it only 20 minutes to the club from home.

How long have you been training with Teena?

Have had a few different trainers over the 10 years or so I have been a member but Teena is my favorite. I have been training with Teena for the past 2-3 years.

What training do you do with Teena?

Teena mixes each session up with me each week. I love the Wednesday boxing sessions as it lets out a bit of frustration from the week.

What keeps you motivated and inspired to continue to train at age 77?

I see so many people my age have so many health issues and even struggle to walk or tie up their shoes, so that is my motivation to stay as healthy and active for as long as I can. I aim to come 3-4 times a week.

Have you got any tips for other members?

Don’t think twice, keep at it and just jump into it.

What do you like to do away from the Club?

Love watching the football. Loves the mighty pies. I enjoy reading and making a day out of heading out to the cinemas.