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Angie Drakos

Well done to member Angie on her first competition 💪

She has been a member here since 2014 and has worked her backside off to compete at the ICN Muscle Show competition on 21st September.

What a transformation!!!!

Read her story below.

Wow, how someone’s mindset and willpower can change in just 9 months. So my #inspo story continues……….2019, what a massive year it has been. When a friend from gym Enzo, @enzolenko plants a seed in my head, saying I should compete. Seeing the pure determination I had in me, my training and believing I could (being a competitor himself in the past) was I guess another challenge to my ongoing transformation journey. 

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE if you put your whole 100% into what becomes your NEW LIFE, your COMP PREP. 

What a massive day Competing in my FIRST ever ICN competition. My achievement/participation medals was enough for my gains, but I gained so much more, learning that I had another level of training in me and gaining new friends that have the same passion for this sport. 
A HUGE THANK YOU to so many……My gym buddies, Enzo, @alithompson7, Johnny and Sammy, Always happy to help, spot (making every rep count), HAHA, stack weights un stack and just being there for moral support. Im so privileged and thankful to have so many more supportive gym friends and friendly staff @ElementFitnessHealthClub. 
My COMP PREP COACH, Mr Tim Martin, @precisionhealthnutrition I am so grateful for you taking me on under your team, helping and guiding me to get into the best possible shape of my life. Your enthusiasm for this Sport is contagious. My new extended Tims Team, thank you for all your encouragement and friendship.

My super supportive family, my husband, endlessly cooking chicken and my 3 amazing children, going above and beyond to help in every way possible. 
My huge fan base which are my family, friends and clients. Thank you to all who came to cheer me on stage

Where did you place Angie you looked amazing?

Unfortunately I didn’t place in any of categories i competed in, but I definitely can say I gained a huge amount of experience and confidence went up a few levels.

What was the hardest part of your comp prep?

The hardest part of preparation would have to be getting my family on board and putting up with my meal preps, exact timing for eating and making sure i always had food ready and organised.

How many girls did you compete against?

In my line ups there were between 9-14 others competing in the same catergory.  

Will you compete again?

I had an amazing time competing and not for anything as I already see myself as a winner but Yes, I do hope to compete again as it gives me a purpose to continue getting stronger, leaner, staying focused and inspiring women, mums my age that you can have dreams, goals and chase them.  

How many hours did you dedicate to training during your prep?

Training for comp prep got serious with food and training 22 weeks out. Training in the gym 6-7 days a week for at least 1hr to 1 1/2 hours.  Racking un racking 240-260kg on leg press is a workout on its own let alone everything else that had 100kgs on it…..haha.