Element Fitness Member spotlight
Element Fitness Member spotlight - Colin Barnard

Colin Barnard

How long have you been a member of Element Fitness for?

I have been a member of Element Fitness for 8 years

What do you love about training at Element?

The gym is nice and clean. The staff are really friendly. Big mention to the pts especially Teena!

Any specific goals you have for the future?

No specific future goals just to keep exercising and live a healthy lifestyle

What are the some of the results you have achieved?

I have had significant weight loss. Exercising has also been good for my mind body and soul.

How do you balance gym and your life? 

I have come to a stage where I’ve been doing it long enough it just become a natural part of my life.

Any advice to others looking to get started with their health and fitness goals?

Just get your foot in the door. Once you have been doing it for a few months and you see change in yourself and mind you will feel so much better and just want more

Favourite go to dish?

I don’t really have any favourite dishes. I just like food in general haha!

Favourite exercise?

Definitely Bench press and working my triceps

Favourite Sporting team?

See the Bombers fly up! Up! Love my Bombers!

Least favourite exercise?

Not a fan of the rowing machine!


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