Everyday Mindfulness Activities

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month and a great opportunity to practice being more mindful in our everyday lives!

It’s interesting to me that not long ago, no one was really talking about mindfulness. Now, I feel like it’s everywhere. And it’s so awesome! Being tuned into the moment, really enjoying what’s happening right now, is so, SO powerful. Like, life changing.

But it’s hard, right? With life running a million miles a minute and a thousand things you want to do, it can be hard to slow down enough to do even a few minutes of mindfulness activities. But don’t you worryl! I’ve got you. I’ve put together some of my best tips to help you stay in the moment during your everyday routine.

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Eggplant turkey parmigiana

Katie Caldesi gives this classic Italian dish a healthy makeover. This lighter, simpler recipe for Eggplant Parmigiana uses turkey, but it can easily be made vegetarian. It’s assembled in individual portions so that it not only looks impressive, but is also easy to serve!

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Woman bodypump class

Natalie Haslam

For the first time in my life, going to the gym and exercising is a part of my day. I start most days with a workout or a walk to wake up my mind, body and spirit for the day ahead. I don’t feel like I need to balance exercise with the rest of my life, exercise is just a part of my routine now and I am so much better for it.

My advice for anyone is to start now, don’t over think it, the hardest part is starting, start slowly with small goals, build up to the bigger goals, take one day at a time.

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Air fryer Moroccan chicken with vegetables

In Morocco, instead of “delicious”, we say “B-nine”! Chicken thighs and flavorful vegetables are marinated in Moroccan spices and cooked together in the air fryer. Served with a cool Tzatziki yogurt sauce, this dish is perfect for busy weeknights.

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