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Georgette Antzakas

I joined the gym last July after a period of a couple of years of some health concerns that resulted in weight gain and chronic pain & fatigue.I was made to feel comfortable immediately by the wonderful staff and I was introduced to my PT Teena as well. Joining and doing training with Teena has been a game changer for me and my health recovery.

I started with one day a week at the gym and as I was getting stronger and more confident, I added another day. Now I average 4 x days a week, sometimes more and I still train with Teena. I have lost an incredible 88cm of fat from around my body so far. Slow and steady is the go for me and after a few set backs there are more gains every week.

I have learnt to push beyond my comfort level and I just show up. It’s so important to be ok with discomfort and to just show up and get it done. There are some great people in the gym who are always there when I go and they inspire me every time.

Teena is also vital part of this journey for me as she pushes me and has made me realise what I am capable of. My attitude now is that I CAN AND I WILL!

I look forward to the next chapter. 😊

Amazing Georgette. You are a walking example to everyone out there that with courage, persistence and determination you can achieve ANYTHING!

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