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Chris McCarty

What made you start personal training with Lasantha? 

I began training with Shaun Kennon at Element when it was still called “South Pacific” and learned the basic exercises from him. After 2 years Shaun moved on and having talked to Lasantha on a number of occasions in the Gym, I decided to try him out as a trainer. We got on well and Lasantha has had a lot of experience which manifests in varied programs and changes to routines aimed at pushing the body. We also have similar interests in Cricket, Golf and Moto GP so there are plenty of topics for catch-up during our sessions. As the old Mortein Ad said, ‘When you’re on a good thing, stick to it’.

How have you found the training/advice and motivation Lasantha has given you?

We have settled in to a basic pattern of Back, Legs and Functional sessions on a rotating basis and always finish up each session with 300 plus abs and core (it was 400 plus before Covid). Not bad for a retired old body. Having a booked session means that I push myself to turn up to our sessions. Lasantha’s experience included me bringing a ‘5 iron’ to the gym where we could work on my golf swing.

How do you feel now?

Before I joined the Gym, I would spend 8 hours plus a day in meetings or hunched over a computer. This developed poor posture and tension in my neck, shoulders and back leading to regular chiropractor appointments and almost weekly neck massages to relieve the knots. Since I began training and subsequently retired from paid work, I have not needed an appointment with the Chiropractor and only get a neck massage around six times a year. I now walk with much more freedom and I am pain free.

Any specific goals you have for the future? 

I want to continue to build my strength and to get to a level of 500 abs and core at the finish each session. 

What are the some of the results you have achieved?

I am pain free. My work sitting in front of a computer for most of each day meant that I would get hip pain when I stood up, and I was beginning to fear the need for hip surgery as a way of alleviating the pain. Exercise and the use of rollers to roll-out my leg muscles has conquered that pain and my hips have many more years of activity before they will need a service. I still have a little red rubber ball thanks to Shaun which I use if I need a deep massage on a specific pain spot.

How do you balance gym and your life?

I aim for two sessions a week, one with Lasantha and one by myself and if time permits, I will fit in a third session. 

Any advice to others looking to get started?

Get a trainer to teach the correct way to perform each exercise, particularly the correct posture and body position whilst doing each exercise. Poor posture can quickly lead to injury and time away from the gym. Injury can also lead to lost motivation and maybe not continuing with the gym.

Favourite go to dish?

I make a truly great salad which includes lettuce, mango, avocado, toasted almonds, crispy bacon, capsicum topped by a killer homemade vinaigrette.

Favourite exercise?

None in particular. Exercises are there to move muscles in a particular way to increase strength, flexibility and the capacity of the body to function better.

Least favourite exercise? 

Push-ups and the plank ………. but no pain no gain.

What do you love about training at Element?

It is a five-minute drive from home, there is plenty of parking but mainly it’s the staff and other members, happy for a quick chat.