Low-carb blueberry smoothie

This is the perfect on-the-go, easy-peasy, low-carb breakfast. Fresh, flavourful blueberries meet their match when combined with coconut milk, lemon juice and vanilla. Make a big batch for the whole family to enjoy! Divine!

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When to change or stay with your program

How do we know if what we are doing is the right training plan?
The important factor is what are we measuring against to determine if it is working or not? Is the plan not working if we don’t have defined abs after a week of training? If you judge a plan based on that then any type of training regime is going to fail

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Cate Press

The challenge has also had me reflecting on my personal journey towards health and fitness. I am currently two and a half years into this journey, and I plan on staying the course for the rest of my life. When I re-joined the gym two and a half years ago I was unfit and unhealthy. I was definitely carrying more weight than I should. I am proud of what I have achieved since then. I need to keep in mind and remember just how far I have come. Some days I look at my body and it doesn’t look like my body. I am probably in the best shape that I have ever been in my entire life.

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Chicken and Haloumi Salad

This healthy chicken and halloumi salad is packed with nutty wholegrains and leafy greens .

You could easily make it vegetarian too, by swapping the chicken for sliced avocado and adding another pouch of mixed grains.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an often-overlooked, under-consumed nutrient that plays a major role in your overall health and performance in the gym. Learn how to make sure you’re getting enough so you can be on top of your game!

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Crispy egg-free low-carb almond pancakes

These thin, egg-less, dairy-free, low-carb vegan pancakes are exceptionally crispy and delicious. The taste almost reminds you of parathas (pan-fried Indian flatbread). If you eat butter, replace the coconut oil with butter and they will taste even more amazing. Switch it up by serving them with either a savory or sweet topping.

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7 Ways to Get a Fantastic Workout Every Time

Poor energy levels, incomplete sets, longer-than-desired workouts and
shoddy results can leave you feeling like your time in the gym is a waste of
time. But the good news is, there are lots of things you can do before and
after the gym to ensure a fantastic workout every time.

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Creamy Fish and Shrimp Casserole with Saffron

Fish, cream and saffron. Shrimp with a touch of cilantro. Layer these two together for inspired low-carb deliciousness! Paired with an easy broccoli mash, you’ll have a colorful and oh-so-satisfying answer to “What’s for dinner?”

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Chris McCarty

Before I joined the Gym, I would spend 8 hours plus a day in meetings or hunched over a computer. This developed poor posture and tension in my neck, shoulders and back leading to regular chiropractor appointments and almost weekly neck massages to relieve the knots. Since I began training and subsequently retired from paid work, I have not needed an appointment with the Chiropractor and only get a neck massage around six times a year. I now walk with much more freedom and I am pain free.

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