Member Spotlight

Marsha Rushton

From her love for our dynamic Pilates reformer classes to her dream of living sustainably, Marsha shares how she balances her fitness goals with her passions outside the gym. Discover the vibrant community spirit that keeps her motivated and why she believes Element Fitness is more than just a gym. Get ready to be inspired by Marsha’s story in our latest Member Spotlight!

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Liesl, From Ballet Shoes to Fitness Classes

Meet Liesl, a certified Group Fitness Instructor bringing energy to fitness.
Liesl teaches two group fitness class styles at Element:
• BodyCombat, a high-energy martial art inspired cardio workout, and,
• Bodybalance, a Yoga and Pilates combined experience to build strength and mobility, and find balance through mind and body connection.

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Reta Fullager

Are you considering joining a gym but feel a bit intimidated? Meet Reta Fullager, a proud member of Element Fitness Health Club, who shares her transformative journey with our Reformer Pilates classes. 🤸‍♀️ From improving balance, mobility, and strength, to finding a program that perfectly suits her needs – Reta’s story is truly inspiring! 💪 Click the link to read more about Reta’s fitness journey and how you can start your own at Element Fitness

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