Liesl, From Ballet Shoes to Fitness Classes

Meet Liesl, a certified Group Fitness Instructor bringing energy to fitness.
Liesl teaches two group fitness class styles at Element:
• BodyCombat, a high-energy martial art inspired cardio workout, and,
• Bodybalance, a Yoga and Pilates combined experience to build strength and mobility, and find balance through mind and body connection.

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Reta Fullager

Are you considering joining a gym but feel a bit intimidated? Meet Reta Fullager, a proud member of Element Fitness Health Club, who shares her transformative journey with our Reformer Pilates classes. 🤸‍♀️ From improving balance, mobility, and strength, to finding a program that perfectly suits her needs – Reta’s story is truly inspiring! 💪 Click the link to read more about Reta’s fitness journey and how you can start your own at Element Fitness

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