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Running Low on Exercise Motivation? Here are 10 Ways to Fall in Love with Fitness Again

Its not everyday that you have the motivation to get up and exercise, even the most avid ones have bad days. Start-of-the-year and New Year’s resolution spirit will only get you so far and as the months go by, your motivation will begin to wane.
But there is a good way to build a genuine connection to exercise and become a commitment that you want to keep. Here are 10 ways to keep you loving exercise in the long run

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Keto cauliflower chicken Alfredo

Let’s get right to the meat of the matter. In this case, it’s chicken covered in a creamy Alfredo sauce paired with savory cauliflower. No pasta noodles needed to get your Alfredo fix. You may want to double the batch, because it’s fabulous the next day, too. Dig in!

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Element Fitness Member spotlight

Colin Barnard

Colin has been member of Element for 8 years! He has achieved significant weight loss and says that

“Exercising has also been good for my mind body and soul.”

“I love training at Element because the gym is nice and clean. The staff are really friendly. Big mention to the pts especially Teena!”

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Keto goat cheese and mushroom frittata

Love quiche? This frittata offers all of the flavour without the crust (or the fuss)! So, get your veggie on with mushrooms, spinach and scallions, complemented with creamy goat cheese. It’s a rich, vegetarian, keto one-skillet feast!

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Choosing the right workout for your fitness goals

Undertaking the right workout for your fitness goals is essential for getting the results you want. Just as there’s no point in an hour of cardio a day if you’re looking to build muscle, you need to be structuring an exercise plan based around your desired outcome.

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Keto Salmon with Pesto and Spinach

How much do you love both pesto and salmon? If the answer is “more than pretty much anything in the world,” then this is the recipe for you! Bonus: It’s fast, keto, and gorgeous. What more can you want?

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The 30 Day Mental Strength Challenge

As luck would have it, today’s the day that you’ve chosen to become a mentally stronger person. You’ve had enough being a pushover. You’ve had enough being trampled and stepped on. Today, you’ve chosen to FIGHT BACK. Your objective is to become assertive, confident and mentally strong. LET IT BE KNOWN, that you’re more resilient than ever before. No more Mr. nice guy.

Mentally strong people tend to be extremely committed to the discipline and craft that they’re pursuing. They do not fear change. To the contrary, they welcome it.
They do not fold under pressure in the face of turbulent circumstances. Conversely, they view it as their playing field. It’s something they’ve conquered countless times.

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Emotional eating and how to avoid it

Hollywood movies often depict ‘binge eating’ as a woman sitting in front of a television watching a love story with a huge spoon and a bucket of ice cream, sobbing after breaking up with her boyfriend. However the reality is far less dramatic and far more common than you might think

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Low carb pumpkin soup

Pumpkins are deliciously colorful and fairly low in carbs. This brightly-colored and hearty soup has both sweet and spicy tones and is perfect for warming the soul on crisp, chilly days.

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