All about electrolytes: What you need to know for staying hydrated in the heat

We’ve all heard how important hydration is to replace fluid loss during and after exercise. Any nutrition expert will tell you that inadequate fluid intake could leave you feeling lethargic, unmotivated, and prone to pounding headaches, especially during the hot summer months. Why? Dehydration occurs when our body starts to lose more fluids than we take in. This is especially common during summer months, as we don’t typically realize how much fluid our body loses while exercising in the heat. Yes, water is critical during a workout to replace fluid loss. However, in hot, humid heat, electrolytes are needed to ensure our body is adequately hydrated to avoid dehydration.

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Renee Burchill

I remember telling Lasantha that one of my fitness goals was just to generally “tone up” and I don’t think I actually knew what that meant. Lasantha has given me a great leeway into the world of fitness and has helped me really make use of my membership in terms of using the vast amount of equipment that the gym has to offer.

The overall environment and atmosphere at Element has always been so welcoming and friendly, all the equipment is clean and organised and the classes are well run too. 

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Franca Potenzi

I love all the friendly staff and the other gym members. I’m always greeted at the door, and everyone is always nice and friendly. The equipment at the gym is great, it’s close and convenient for me.

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Hit a weight-loss plateau? 4 tips to bust late-night cravings

We’ve all experienced that 9 PM craving for something sweet that just can’t be ignored. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some sweet treats every now and then, but when these cravings for sugary foods occur on a regular basis, we can fall into a constant cycle of late-night snacking that may affect our weight loss goals. Research has shown that late-night eating is linked to excess intake of empty calories, which makes it tough to move past plateaus and achieve health goals

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Why 59% of people fail with New Year Resolutions & the Secret to Success

Chances are that December and January involved family, friends, fun, time-off and relaxation. Christmas time and the festive season is truly an amazing time to get together with the people closest to you and unwind from the year that has just passed. But with the festive season usually comes a bit of over indulgence in food, drink and all things enjoyable. We are all human, everyone tends to go a bit over board during this period. Now that we are into the new year it’s time to get back on the wagon and prioritise your health and fitness.

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7 Practical fitness tips for the festive season

The festive season isn’t called the Silly Season for nothing. All the good habits we try to maintain for the rest of the year go out the back door for two weeks of glorious overindulgence. Why? Who knows, it’s just always been like that.

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