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6 Tips on How to Find Time to Workout as a Working Mum

It’s no secret that mums have busy schedules, but adding in a full-time job just makes it all the more hectic. Between work deadlines, school meetings, extracurriculars, and family time, mums are left with little time for themselves. This leaves many mums wondering how to find time to work out as a working mum. Luckily, we have some tips for all the working mums out there!

Make Working Out An “Appointment”

First and foremost, most working mums understand the importance of creating (and sticking to) a schedule. In general, writing down commitments on a calendar improves memorability and solidifies it as an “appointment”. This creates a sense of commitment to actually go through the act of working out.

As much time as working mums set aside for their boss, spouse, children, and whatever else, commitments to themselves are just as important. By treating those commitments the same as any other, mums are asserting their value and prioritizing their own health. After all, staying healthy is the best way to ensure those other commitments are met effectively. When mothers allow themselves to ignore health and fitness goals, it can ultimately impact everyone else in their circle.

Use Fitness As A Starter For Your Day

How you start your day sets the tone for the whole thing. By starting the day with fitness, even a little bit, can lead to healthy interactions throughout the day. In addition, it gets the workout out of the way first thing, which reduces the chance of skipping days due to busy schedules. Working out in the morning can also increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain which can improve energy and positivity.

Getting 20-30 minutes of fitness in first thing in the morning can sound challenging, but there are a few things that can help. Getting up earlier, especially before the kids, can help you find that extra time needed. Depending on schedule and commute conditions, stopping at a Nunawading gym on the way to work can be beneficial. Another great option, depending on your location and situation may be jogging or biking to work.

Also, remember that fitness doesn’t have to be intensive workouts. Everyone has to start somewhere on their fitness journey and the key is to do what you can now. If all the extra time you can find is the ten minutes in the morning that you are waiting for your coffee, use that ten minutes to stretch and prepare your body for the rest of the day. Over time, this will increase energy and productivity and potentially lead to bigger fitness goals in the long run.

Take Classes

In line with the idea of creating commitments, taking classes can be a fantastic way for working mums to fit in a scheduled fitness activity. There are many active workouts, classes, and options that are engaging and rewarding for the female physique such as pilates class or yoga. Health clubs like the Nunawading gym Element Fitness often provide fitness classes with membership.

Hire A Personal Trainer

Sometimes, it is less about how to find time to work out as a working mum and more about how to find the motivation to work out as a working mum. By hiring a personal trainer mums can get the motivation they need. Not to mention, a personal trainer helps you get the training and eduction you need not only in regards to the workouts that are best for you, but also on how to use the equipment in the gym. A trainer will be there to create a fitness plan that includes health goals as well as scheduling.

Finding the time to work out is easier when there is another person depending on it getting done. A personal trainer depends on their client’s business, in addition to being there to help their clients succeed. Beyond that, a personal trainer knows how to curate a fitness plan that incorporates attainable fitness goals to reduce the stress and anxiety many people feel about working out.

Work In Fitness Throughout The Day

No matter if you work in an office, in the field, or at home; it is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is easy, especially for mums, to go to work and put all personal business aside, including fitness. The reality, however, is that personal and professional can not always be separated.

In fact, recent research suggests that they actually shouldn’t be. Some of the best workplaces in the world have realized that providing personal resources for employees at the office actually increases overall productivity rather than hinders it. One of the top resources provided by these companies is on-site fitness facilities.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to work for companies that provide these amenities. However, that doesn’t mean fitness is unattainable. Taking breaks often, engaging in active stretching, walking up and down the stairs, and doing squats or clenches are all ways to incorporate fitness into the workplace. This type of exercise is great for maintaining physical and mental health, and can easily be integrated into any workday.

Have A Fitness Bag Always Ready

Beyond being busy, working mums’ schedules are often malleable, meaning they can change at a moment’s notice. By packing a fitness bag and keeping it in the car you get a malleable solution to fitness scheduling conflicts. Basically, by always having the essentials on hand, there is no excuse not to fit the workout in, no matter what changes the day brings.

Essentials to keep in a fitness bag include a change of clothes, appropriate shoes, deodorant, and shower supplies, a towel, hair supplies, perfume (if it suits you), and any other “touch-up” products. Do not forget extra socks and underwear! This ensures that fitness can be worked in at any time throughout the day without leaving you smelling or looking like you just ran a marathon.

At the end of the day, every working mum has different commitments and responsibilities that dictate how they spend their day. The secret to finding time to work out as a working mum is creating time to work out. Mum’s are just as important as the people and things they manage. Experimenting with different fitness options and setting attainable goals are the keys to creating the right fitness plan for you!