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Get Your Heart Pumping with These 4 Cardio Workouts at the Gym

There’s nothing like getting your sweat on at the gym. Strength training is certainly having its moment right now, but cardio workouts at the gym are a necessity to any fitness plan. Cardio not only helps you burn a lot of calories, but it boosts your metabolism and makes your heart stronger.

One of the great things about cardio is that there are so many ways to incorporate it into your workout. Whether it’s cycling class, a full body HIIT workout, or even just speed walking on a treadmill, there are endless fun ways to hike up that heart rate.

Group Cardio Gym Workouts

Did you know that at least 30% of people worldwide don’t get enough physical exercise? Many people don’t have the equipment (or the motivation), which is what makes working out at a gym such a good idea.

A perk of doing your cardio workout at the gym is that many gyms offer group classes. If you’re looking to shake things up and push yourself, group cardio classes are a fun way to do so.

Zumba Australia

If running on the treadmill or jumping rope doesn’t sound like fun for you, Zumba might be your best option for a cardio workout at the gym. Zumba is cardio that doesn’t feel like a workout – it feels more like a fun dance party.

Zumba is a cardio dance workout that incorporates movements from dance styles spanning the globe. It can include Salsa, Bollywood, Merengue, and more. Each session incorporates bodyweight exercises with the dance choreography, spiking your heart rate and burning through those calories.

If you’re looking for a Zumba class at a Nunawading gym, check out our class schedule. This 55 minute Zumba Australia fitness program is a disguised workout that will leave you feeling amazing. You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even realize it’s a workout.

Cycling or Spinning

Cycling class, also known as spinning, is a workout that uses an indoor bike to ramp up your heart rate and burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Cycling combines cardio and endurance and motivates you to push your physical and mental limits.               

If you’re looking for a cardio workout at the gym that is easy on the joints and low-impact, cycling class is a good option. Cycling will help you smash your fitness goals and burn calories for hours after each workout.

For cycling classes at our Nunawading Gym, click here.

HIIT Workout

A lot of people say that one of the reasons they don’t exercise is because they don’t have enough time. That’s one of the reasons that a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout has so many benefits – it’s a shorter workout that’s extremely effective.

A full-body HIIT workout is made of short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Most sessions last between 10-30 minutes. HIIT is another type of cardio workout at the gym that not only keeps your heart rate up during the actual exercise, but keeps you in an anabolic zone that will help you burn more calories up to 12 hours later.

Another great perk about HIIT workouts is that they can be made up of a variety of exercises and really tailored for what you need to focus on. Workouts can be made of combinations of biking, bodyweight exercises, boxing, jump rope, and more.

Check out the freestyle HIIT (called FIIT) class at our Nunawading gym. In this workout, members will get a different workout every time from basic circuit to full-on HIIT or boxing.


Boxing isn’t just a sport; it’s a very effective way to get in your cardio workout at the gym while increasing core stability and building stronger bones and joints. As we age our joints start to break down and become weaker, but boxing class can help keep your joints healthy.

Boxing moves also help you burn a lot of calories, just like other forms of HIIT workouts. It really is a full-body workout. The punching motions focus on your arms, shoulders, chest, and core. The footwork portion helps tone your lower body and improve your overall balance and strengthen stabilizer muscles. And of course, it skyrockets your heart rate.                

If you’re looking for a cardio workout that is fun and a great way to get your energy and frustration out, visit our Nunawading gym. Our HIIT boxing class draws a crowd and will help you release from the stress of your day.         

Health Benefits of Cardio Workouts

We all know that cardio is important for weight loss, but did you know that exercising regularly lowers your chances of premature death by 30%? And that’s not all. There are numerous other benefits that come with working out. But how do cardio workouts at the gym differ from just regular strength training or working out?

Improves Brain Health

Cardio exercise has a dramatic impact on the health of the brain. When you do cardio specifically, your heart rate increases and stays at a high rate for longer periods of time, which increases blood flow to the brain. Studies have found that this in turn stimulates the production of hormones that help improve brain cell growth.

Boosts Your Mood

Don’t you always feel even just a little bit happier and more balanced after a good workout? Extensive research shows that cardio workouts at the gym are one of the best ways to improve your mood and help relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression. When you do a cardio workout, your body releases serotonin and endorphins, or “feel good” hormones. This helps to boost your mood.

Helps You Sleep

It’s no secret that getting in a good cardio workout burns a lot of energy, which makes it easier to sleep. Studies show that your sleep can improve by as much as 65% if you’re working out for 150 minutes a week (that’s around 20 minutes a day). By regularly incorporating a cardio workout at the gym such as cycling class or Zumba Australia, you can even cure sleep disorders like insomnia.

Get in Your Cardio at Our Nunawading Gym

One out of four adults don’t get enough exercise – don’t be one of them! Start incorporating group cardio workouts at the gym into your fitness routine today and start seeing all of the amazing benefits.

Click here to see our class schedule and all of the group class options we offer.