Reformer Pilates: 9 Must-Know Tips for Your First Class

Reformer Pilates is an increasingly popular form of exercise. It is a low-impact workout focusing on strengthening the core muscles, improving flexibility and increasing overall fitness. If you are new to reformer pilates, here are nine must-know tips that will help you prepare for your first class: 

Choose the Right Fitness Coach

Finding the right fitness coach is one of the most important things to consider when starting Reformer Pilates. A good coach can guide you through the exercises, ensure you perform them correctly, and help you achieve your fitness goals. Look for a coach with experience teaching reformer pilates who can tailor the workout to your needs.

Dress Appropriately

When attending your first reformer pilates class, it is essential to dress appropriately. Dress in loose-fitting, comfy clothing that allows you to move easily. Avoid anything too baggy or restrictive, as this can interfere with your movements.

Bring Water and a Towel

Reformer pilates can be challenging, and you may sweat more than usual. Make sure to bring a water bottle and a towel to wipe away sweat. Staying hydrated during the class will help you perform better and prevent cramps and other discomforts.

Arrive Early

It is always a good idea to arrive early for your first reformer pilates class. This will give you time to familiarise yourself with the studio and equipment, meet the coach, and ask any questions. Arriving early will also help you feel more relaxed and focused for the workout.

Start Slowly

Reformer pilates is a challenging workout, so starting slowly and gradually building your strength and flexibility is essential. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t perform all the exercises first, and don’t push yourself too hard. You can increase the intensity and duration as you become more familiar with the workout.

Listen to Your Body

Reformer pilates is a low-impact workout, but it can still be tough on your body. Listen to your body, and don’t push yourself too hard. Stop the exercise and speak to your coach if you feel any discomfort or pain. They can help you modify the activity to avoid injury.

Focus on Your Breathing

Breathing is essential to reformer pilates, and focusing on your breath throughout the workout is important. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. This will help you relax and increase your focus and concentration.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key in your reformer pilates sessions. It is important to attend fitness classes regularly to see the results of your hard work. Aim to attend at least two to three weekly classes to get the most out of the workout.

Have Fun

Finally, remember to have fun! Reformer Pilates is a challenging but enjoyable workout that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Focus on your breath, listen to your body, and enjoy the experience.


Reformer pilates supports and challenges the body to move in various ways, allowing the person to work their entire body. It is ideal for people of all fitness levels and ages, as it is low impact, easy to modify, and can be tailored to the individual’s needs. Its focus on core strength, balance and coordination can help improve a person’s quality of life, both physically and mentally. With proper instruction and technique, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities.

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