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Equipment in the Gym That Everyone Should Try Instead of the Treadmill and Bike

It is not unusual to feel a little frustrated and bored with the same old workout routine.
One of the most important ways to ensure you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to actually enjoy the training sessions you do and add some variety into your routine. I often hear someone enquire for the 1 st time at Element Fitness saying ‘ I don’t like running on a treadmill, or I have a bike at home and I never use it’ – if you can relate to this, learn the correct technique of these 3 great exercises and mix up your routine.

Kettle bell

Kettle bell training will not only improve your physique, but it will develop both strength and your cardiovascular fitness all at the same time. For those people living under a rock, a Kettle bell is an old fashioned kettle made of iron that comes in several sizes: 4kg 8kg 12kg 16kg 20kg. The real value with a KB workout is that it enables you to work on the often forgotten posterior chain of muscles essential for muscle balance in athletes as well as ballistic power work that transfers well into sport. This means you can get do muscular endurance based training or high intensity fat burning sessions depending on your goal. In addition, KB exercises such as: the Turkish get-up and windmills, will make your core workouts far more enjoyable and challenging on top of adding variety


Is a series of body weight exercises using a yellow suspension strap popular in professional sports, military and academic institutions. Whether you are just beginning your journey into fitness or pushing yourself into the next level of your fitness goals, TRX provides a sustainable, fun and low impact approach to training to help you achieve your personal best. TRX training enables strength training, flexibility and core exercises in abundance. It can be a fun way to stimulate your muscles and provide lots of variety to your regular sessions. You can purchase a TRX strap online or see an elite personal trainer to teach you correct technique.

Concept Rower


1. Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning

The rowing machine is an activity that effectively raises your heart rate and provides an excellent overall aerobic workout. The benefits of a rowing machine can keep your heart rate well within both a moderate intensity and a vigorous intensity range for the appropriate amount of time required. Many indoor rowing machines have the capability to monitor your heart rate with a wireless chest strap or you can use other devices to do so to ensure you are reaching intensity goals.

2. Total-Body Conditioning

Rowing provides upper body conditioning and gives the upper and lower back and the shoulder muscles an excellent workout. Due to the sliding seat, rowing also provides a lower body workout as well. Every stroke requires the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abs, obliques, pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, upper back, and lats to engage in the activity. A person’s hands and wrists become stronger as well due to gripping the rower handles.

3. Low-Impact Activity

The motion of using a rowing machine tends to be a low impact, natural movement. A person sits close to the floor in a comfortable position, and there is minimal stress applied to any part of the body. If you compare this with running or some other health club activities, you can see why many people favor the rower and use it often in the gym.

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