Why Pilates Exercises Perfectly Compliment Weight Training

Whether you’re serious about starting a healthier lifestyle or wanting to add some muscle, getting and staying physically fit is an excellent way to improve your health. Regularly exercising can help minimise your risk of contracting chronic illnesses. It can also help enhance your mental well-being and boost your confidence. 

Although there’s nothing wrong with picking up dumbbells, Pilates is one of the best workout routines. However, as you look for gyms near you with saunas, you may wonder if this exercise could complement your daily weight training. 

If you want to maximise your workout time and achieve your body goals, this article will explain why Pilates perfectly complements lifting weights. We’ll also teach you how to cross-train with this unique exercise routine. 

6 Benefits of Trying Pilates 

Here’s why you should add Pilates to your regular exercise routine. 

1. It’s Efficient 

From a tinier waist to a toner bottom, everyone wants to get fit until they reach their body goals. However, this means finding different exercises to achieve these goals, and it can be tricky for busy individuals. Luckily, Pilates is an efficient exercise routine. This workout targets all body parts and typically lasts less than an hour. It’s an excellent way to save time while engaging your muscles. 

2. Strengthens Your Core 

Besides looking Instagram-worthy, a strong core benefits your health as it helps you maintain balance and prevent back injuries when lifting weights. And you can achieve that by adding Pilates to your weight training routine. Combining squats and reformer exercises with bicep curls strengthens and engages your core. Many fitness enthusiasts also enjoyed more defined muscles due to the constant pressure on them during these exercises.

3. Increases Your Flexibility

When we do strength training, our muscles shorten and tighten. However, you must also increase your flexibility to lift heavy weights more efficiently. And the best way to improve your range of motion is to add Pilates exercises into your workout routine. 

4. Trains Your Mind and Body 

Besides toning your muscles for a more defined look, the best exercises are those that also improve your well-being. And you can do so by trying Pilates. This workout means using machines like the Pilates reformer, which requires you to move quickly between positions and simultaneously work with various body parts. That way, you can stay focused and engaged during your workout and improve your coordination for other exercises, like weight training.

5. Builds Pain Tolerance for Other Workouts

These exercises involve small movements that push your muscles to the limit, causing them to shake. Once you experience this sensation, you’ll find it easier to handle the discomfort of other physical activities. Many fitness enthusiasts believe that if they can withstand the burn of Pilates, they can also take their weight training exercises.

6. Improves Posture and Form 

Proper posture and body alignment are crucial in working out, as the wrong form can cause injury. And you can improve these essentials by trying Pilates. Whether you want to walk with your shoulders back or maintain a straight spine during deadlifts, Pilates can help you elongate your muscles and become more mindful of your body.

How to Cross-Train with Pilates

Attending two to three weekly Pilates classes can improve your core, flexibility, and posture. However, you shouldn’t do them back-to-back or heavy lifting the next day. Instead, start by incorporating Pilates after a workout. You should also know Pilates isn’t a rest day activity and can be demanding on muscles, especially with a reformer.

Stretching for Better Gains

Pilates exercises best complement weight training sessions as they help build your pain tolerance, improve your posture, and strengthen your core. You can gain these benefits by enrolling in Pilates classes and exercising in a nearby gym with a sauna.

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