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Reformer Pilates: How Does It Help to Achieve Workout Goals

Are you looking for a way to achieve your workout goals without spending countless hours in the gym? Reformer pilates may be the perfect solution for you! This effective low-impact exercise can help you strengthen, tone, and stretch your body.

This blog post will discuss reformer pilates for you to achieve workout goals.

What is a Reformer Pilates?

A metal structure in the shape of a bed with a flat, movable surface is called a Pilates reformer. Springs are attached to the carriage’s platform on one side of the railway. While performing various exercises, you can change the springs’ resistance.

Reduced resistance can make a workout more challenging since it forces you to use your muscles to stabilise the movement. Two shoulder blocks are located at the top of the carriage to help you maintain your posture while working out.

Depending on the exercise, you can place your hands or feet on the movable foot bar on the spring side of the frame. The opposing side of the frame’s straps can be fastened with either the hands or the feet. Advanced exercises might make use of additional attachments.

How is a Reformer Pilates Used?

Numerous activities are performed on the reformer to increase length, strength, flexibility, and balance. Most Pilates reformer exercises include pushing, pulling, or stabilising the carriage while it is being moved by the springs.

One of the reformer’s best traits is its versatility. Exercises can be performed in various positions, including lying down, sitting, standing, pressing the footbar, sitting on it, seated on the shoulder blocks, using additional equipment, upside down, sideways and countless other combinations.

What Are the Benefits of Using Reformer Pilates?

1. Works the Entire Body

Pilates programs strongly emphasise posture and core stability, but reformer work elevates the practice. You can do leg and arm curls, shoulder raises, and glute kickbacks with straps.

2. Works the Muscles in Various Ways

The Pilates reformer uses three main approaches to activate the muscles:

  • Concentric movements mimic muscle contractions or curling motions or may resemble twisting motions. Among these activities is muscle contraction against resistance.
  • Eccentric stretching, which is the opposite of concentric stretching, lengthens the body and its muscles. The lift and lower motion are great examples of this. You have to lay down on the carriage, extend your legs to a 90-degree angle, and then put your feet through the straps to do this. Then, lower your legs straight in front of you as you push back on the carriage and extend them as you move forward.
  • Isometric refers to controlling your muscles while maintaining their position.

3. Low-Impact

The joints are not significantly affected by reformer workouts. There is no gravitational pull when exercising when lying down or sitting still. Thus, the reformer is a fantastic arthritis treatment option.

4. Works a Full Range of Motion

It can help prevent and reduce musculoskeletal injuries, allowing you to engage the entire muscle group throughout all possible angles and movements. This can improve overall strength and mobility in your joints and aid in injury prevention. 

It also helps with core stability and strengthening, allowing you to keep your body aligned while working out, thus minimising potential strain on your spine and other joints.  


Reformer Pilates is a great workout regime that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Not only is it practical, but also safe and fun. With the correct instruction and posture, it can improve your strength, flexibility, and coordination.

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