The Best Foods to Eat before and after Your Pilates Session

Whether you’ve recently started your wellness journey or have been exercising for a while, having a fit body can offer many benefits. It can boost your self-esteem and minimise your risk of developing multiple health issues. It can also help reduce stress. 

While you can get fit by finding a nearby gym with saunas, you can achieve your dream body by attending Pilates class. However, it’s not enough to exercise regularly. You must also eat the right food to get the best results. 

If you want to maximise your Pilates class, this article briefly discusses what to expect at a typical session. We’ll also suggest some of the best foods to consume before and after exercising. 

What Can You Expect at a Pilates Session?

When you attend a Pilates class, you must not eat a huge meal beforehand because it can make you feel too full and tired to accomplish the session. You can get the best results out of your workout by eating a small meal or snack before class. That way, you can better strengthen and sculpt your core. 

What Should You Eat for an Early Morning Class?

Before hitting the gym for your early morning class, grab a light snack to get some energy, such as a banana, a handful of nuts, or some berries. That way, you can make it through your session without feeling sick. 

What Should You Eat for an Afternoon Class?

On the other hand, if you’re attending an afternoon Pilates class, don’t forget to consume a full breakfast at least 90 minutes before starting. This good habit will give your body enough time to digest the food and fuel you through the class. 

Avoid consuming too many carbohydrates because Pilates demands different energy than other intense physical activities like running. You should also remember that a Pilates workout doesn’t require the same energy level that carbohydrates provide. 

What Can You Eat Hours Before a Session?

You must eat something one and a half to two hours before your Pilates session. Some delicious but healthy options include scrambled eggs and avocado, a yoghurt bowl with nuts and berries, and a salad with a protein source. 

You can also consume an apple with almond or walnut butter, a lettuce wrap with protein filling, and a fish and vegetable dish. Moreover, you can indulge in a bowl of soup with some protein.

What Pre-session Snacks Can You Eat?

You can gain energy for your Pilates class by eating berries, raw nuts, and a banana with almond butter. You can also consume a hard-boiled egg, a sugar-free protein bar, cheese, and celery with hummus. Moreover, you can drink a green smoothie, using no fruit or half a banana. 

A Crucial Note to Remember 

While these foods are healthy, remember that everyone is unique and will need different amounts of nutrition to stay fit. You should also consult a professional dietitian before adjusting your diet. 

What Can You Eat After a Class?

After a Pilates class, you must refuel your body with a good protein, fat, and carbs balance within 30 minutes. A nutrient-dense protein shake or smoothie is a quick and easy option to keep your body working, even after the session. 

Some Smoothie Ideas to Consider

There are different smoothie recipes and ideas you can find online. However, we enlisted three must-try drinks for this blog post: Mint Chocolate Chip, Berry Good, and Chai Delight. 

Moreover, you don’t need to limit yourself to these options to make a delicious post-Pilates smoothie. You can mix other fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Eating the Right Foods

A successful Pilates session goes beyond attending all classes; you must also eat the right foods. You can get the best results by knowing what to eat before and after classes, finding the best smoothie recipes, and consulting your dietitian. 

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