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Reformer Pilates Benefits

Is your workout routine feeling a bit tired? Have you wanted to try something new but you don’t know where to start? A Reformer Pilates course is a fun and very effective way to get a full body workout. There are many Reformer Pilates benefits that combine to make this one of the most popular types of exercise in recent years.

Reformer Pilates courses can be done by anyone, from people with zero Pilates experience to those who consider themselves experts. It’s versatile, challenging, and great for your health.

What is Reformer Pilates

A Reformer Pilates course differs from a traditional mat Pilates course in a number of ways, the biggest one being the Pilates reformer machine itself. While traditional Pilates is done on a mat, Reformer Pilates uses a piece of equipment called a Pilates reformer to make it more of a full body workout.

The Pilates reformer was created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, who – you guessed it – created Pilates. A Pilates reformer looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes, and pulleys. The springs on the machine add resistance to the Pilates exercises that you won’t get with traditional Pilates. When using a Pilates reformer, the exercises are usually more dynamic and intense, and add more mobility to your movements.

Top Reformer Pilates Benefits

Not only is the Pilates reformer machine versatile and able to challenge even the most experienced Pilates fan, but there are a lot of great Reformer Pilates benefits.

The Pilates reformer and the exercises themselves are designed to be adjusted and modified for anyone. Regardless of age, physical limits, or exercise experience, Reformer Pilates is the perfect answer if you’re looking for a workout that’s low impact but will still strengthen your entire body.

Reformer Pilates courses help you improve your strength, especially around the core, glutes, back, and thighs. And because you can adjust the resistance, there are infinite ways to grow and improve your workout.

People suffering from lower back pain will see the Reformer Pilates benefits fairly soon into their practice. Reformer Pilates courses focus on stabilizing the muscles around the spine, which can relieve tension and strengthen your back muscles so that you are operating from a place of strength and core support.

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In our 55-minute Reformer Pilates course, you will learn the fundamental exercises and principles of the Pilates method. The exercises are broken down as they are taught, allowing you to learn proper techniques. This class is great for people of all Pilates experience levels, whether new or highly experienced. Take your workout to the next level and experience the benefits yourself!