Warming Up

Why Is Warming Up Important: Benefits It Gives Your Body

Exercising is important for a healthy body. But before pushing your body to work hard, you must first learn to warm it up. Everyone planning to live healthier may have heard about warm-up and its importance. Exercising, especially in an un-warmed up state, can have adverse effects on your body, such as increasing the risk of injury and decreasing the benefits of the exercise.

If you want to understand more of why it should be done, here are some fantastic benefits it could give your body.

Your Heart Rate Will Increase

The heart rate increases when blood is pumped faster to help your body’s muscles push harder. The number of times your heart beats per minute should indicate how fast your circulation is and how efficiently your heart works.

Now comes the question: What is the best heart rate for warming up? An ideal warm-up should result in a heart rate of 50 per cent of your maximum. It will allow you to get your muscles ready for the workout that is to come and slowly push you towards your ideal heart rate.

The Endurance of Your Muscles Will Increase

Warming up increases blood circulation to your muscles, making them more flexible and helping them stay relaxed even after you have finished exercising. That increases their endurance and ability to work harder, which is the main aim of warming up.

Your Muscles Will Be Less Vulnerable To Injury

Warming up allows your muscles to work at their optimum condition. Doing so makes your muscles more flexible, making them less vulnerable to injury. When your muscles do not get enough oxygenated blood flow, they suffer from a lack of flexibility and adaptation.

When you warm up, you increase the oxygenated blood flow to your muscles, allowing the muscles to get used to the exercise routine. Warming up allows your body to be at a level where it can adapt to the more intense exercise that is about to follow. You should definitely include a warm-up in your exercise routine to avoid injuries.

You’ll Breathe Faster

The cardio respiratory system’s job is to transport oxygen from the lungs to your body’s cells and transport carbon dioxide from your body’s cells to the lungs. Warming up speeds up the rate of your heart’s beating and increases the amount of oxygenated blood delivered to your muscles. It increases the breathing rate, making you breathe faster and more efficiently.

You’ll Burn More Calories

Warming up your muscles and increasing your body temperature allows for better oxygen circulation to your muscles and body’s cells. That allows your muscles to work harder, and by working harder, they will be burning more calories as they use more energy.


The importance of warming up cannot be stressed enough. Warming up allows you to work your body and muscles at their best, preventing injuries and keeping your body in the best and healthiest shape possible.

Before working your body out, you must set aside at least five to ten minutes warm-up, doing some light exercises. That will allow your body to adapt to your training. All in all, if you want to get the most out of your workout, you must include a good warm-up session in your workout routine.

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