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Do You Know the Best Low-Impact Workouts to Try at Our Nunawading Gym?

Looking for a Nunawading gym that offers low-impact workouts? You’re in luck because Element Fitness has some of the best group fitness classes in the area with a variety of low-intensity options! Our Nunawading gym will have you coming back for more every week with these energizing and centering low-impact workouts. And to top it off, you can finish up your workout by relaxing in our state-of-the-art sauna.

Yoga Vinyasa

Yoga is a great way to open up your mind as well as your body. Our vinyasa class links breath with posture and movement to improve body function. Poses that you may practice during the class includes balancing, inversions, backbends, or a floor series. The goal of the class is to work through a slow, balanced flow that will improve flexibility, strength, and focus. Yoga can also clear the body of toxins leaving you relaxed, calm, and centred.

Yoga Yin

Yin Yoga is designed to help you surrender to the practice and bring balance to all areas of your life. This form of yoga focuses on using breath and grounding postures with a focus on the hips, spine, chest, and shoulders. The idea is to re-energize the body and calm the nervous system. This class is best for individuals who are looking for a way to relax and release tension and stress.

Reformer Pilates Strength, Tone, and Flow

If you’re looking for gyms that offer pilates, Element Fitness has just the thing for you! With reformer pilates classes that focus on strength, tone, and flow, our Nunawading gym has all your pilates needs.


We have a class designed to focus on the whole body to improve tone. Alternatively, our strength class pushes the boundaries of your body with a focus on progression, all at your own pace.


Finally, we offer a class for any level that provides a gentle introduction to reformer practices. The class is focused on strengthening the core and lengthening muscles.

Mat Pilates

For a more traditional pilates approach, we also offer mat pilates which is designed to help you develop the “Pilates Body.” The goal is to form long, lean, and strong muscles with smooth, even tone. Our expert trainers will help retrain your body to work efficiently with minimal effort and no tension!

Body Balance

Want to experience the benefits of yoga and pilates but don’t have time for two classes? Consider taking our body balance class! Body balance is a blend of yoga, Thai Chi, and pilates designed to build flexibility and strength. By the end of this class, you will be feeling centred and calm all while strengthening your body.


Don’t want to be on the floor? Consider taking a cycling class! We offer an indoor cycling class called RPM which is set to the rhythm of motivating music. The idea is to burn a lot of calories with low-impact work to really get you fit! The class is based on cycle racing as a sport using a series of simulated climbs and sprints. This creates a workout that allows you to control your intensity.


Stop in our Nunawading gym location today to try out your first low-impact class at Element Fitness!