Exercise at Night

Calling Night Owls: Busting Myths of Exercising at Night

There are people who are more active and productive during the night. Considering that you have the freedom to do anything you want at night time, why not exercise? 

If you enrol in a 24-hour gym and commit to your exercise routine, it could fix your sleep schedule and help you take control of your body. This activity improves your Circadian rhythm, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves health.

If you are not yet sold out at the idea of exercising at night, you should pay attention to this article. We will be busting the myths associated with exercising at night. Hopefully, this blog will let you see that there is nothing wrong with working out at night.

If You Exercise at Night, You Won’t Be Able to Sleep

There is a misconception that exercising at night will keep you awake. You do not have to worry about your workout keeping you up. On the contrary, it helps decrease sleeping problems. 

However, it would be best not to do high-intensity exercise an hour before sleeping. It is because physical activities release hormones called cortisol and adrenaline, which are responsible for keeping you awake. 

With that said, you should do light stretching. It will relax your muscles, and you would fall asleep in no time. 

When you exercise at night, your body temperature will rise. It will make you feel warm and drowsy simultaneously, so it is common for people to fall asleep after a workout. If exercising at night makes you feel sleepy, you should know that this is normal and perfectly safe.    

24-Hour Gyms Are Unhygienic

Gyms are often associated with germs and bacteria. What is worse is that many people think that 24-hour gyms are even more unsanitary because they do not have the time to clean the place. 

A 24-hour gym is no different from regular gyms. They are cleaned and sanitised regularly. You will not find any visible dirt, dust or bacteria, and you will also not smell anything unsavoury.

As long as you exercise proper hygiene, you will be fine in any gym. A good tip is to wipe the machines with a sanitising wipe before and after use. You can ask the gym staff to help you sanitise the equipment.

Why Create a Late-Night Workout Schedule

Creating a workout schedule will help you structure your life and get your workouts done regularly. Plot these activities in your planner or calendar.

Be realistic. Do not give yourself too many late-night workouts. If you have a tight schedule, you will not be able to follow through. It is good to schedule two late-night activities per week. The early morning ones are good for your health, while late-night workouts help you fall asleep faster.

This schedule will help you create a healthy routine. If you have difficulty sleeping and waking up, your exercise routine will help you regulate your body clock. Once you have gotten used to exercising at night, you can change your habits and make them part of your lifestyle.


Exercising at night may be different from doing it during the day, but it will allow you to have a healthier lifestyle. It will help you control your body clock, letting you sleep more soundly and wake up easier in the morning.

Now that you see the wonders of exercising at night, you should look for a 24-hour gym in Mitcham. You will not be disappointed with Element Fitness because we clean our facility regularly and have friendly staff. Enrol now!