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How to Build Your Best Body Ever!

One of the greatest things about Summer is shedding all of those bulky clothes, but saying that; one of the worst things about Summer is again shedding all of those bulky clothes.

That’s where we can help. If you do these four things, we promise you will see results.

1. Sculpt and tone your physique by adding weights to your training

Not only is resistance training good for your bone health but also 80% of your metabolic rate is determined by how much lean muscle you have. This means the more muscle you have the more energy your body will burn whether you are working out or at rest. Two to three 30- minute weight sessions per week is the secret to a toned body shape.

2. Eat the right food specifically for you

We love healthy fresh food and encourage all our clients to have a nutritious well balanced diet but it’s important to understand that there are healthy foods that may not be good for your specific goal. Research it yourself or find a professional who can advise you on the right foods to eat. For example, nuts are awesome these bite-size nutritional powerhouses are packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals, but if you are eating too many or at the wrong time of the day, these tiny pieces of goodness could be preventing you from getting your best body ever! If you want a professional result that your friends will be jealous of, use a professional approach.

3. Change it up

If you have been doing the same exercises for months and you have noticed your results have plateaued, this means you need to change up something about your exercise or the food. The body takes around 4 weeks to make physiological adaption to any exercise, so at week five you have the perfect excuse to add variety and will also prevent boredom setting in. Your body needs to be continually challenged so that it will burn more energy and get strong or faster but that doesn’t mean you need to train for longer. The change can be made in the intensity of the workout or in the type of workout.

4. Set a deadline

We can’t stress enough the importance of setting a date for yourself if you want to see strong results. You have deadlines at work, at school, at home because deadlines get things accomplished! Getting the body you desire is no different than all the other things you do every day. You need a deadline to get moving and stay on track. Once you do set a deadline you start to take action and the results happen.