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When to change or stay with your program

How do we know if what we are doing is the right training plan?
The important factor is what are we measuring against to determine if it is working or not? Is the plan not working if we don’t have defined abs after a week of training? If you judge a plan based on that then any type of training regime is going to fail

I hope to explore and provide some better and more realistic measures for you to use which can highlight if what you are doing is worth persisting with or not. Knowing when to stick with something and when to shift is an important skill. And just so we are clear shifting or trying a different approach is certainly not quitting in fact it’s the opposite. Using insights from your experiences to improve your methods is ultimately what will allow you to achieve your desired training outcomes for the long term.

Am I getting Results?

This is an important measure in determining if your training is on the right track? However, let’s make sure we are realistic about what results mean. You didn’t gain 10 kilos in a week its unlikely to come off that fast either. Look at results much more broadly. Am I getting a little leaner, flexible, fitter, stronger? If you can tick one or more of these boxes, then look at sticking it out and carrying on.

Am I enjoying what I am doing?

This is important! We always perform better and adhere longer to a process we enjoy. If you want any chance of sticking to a exercise regime long term you must ensure there is an enjoyable element to it. If it starts to get boring, you will find a reason to attend less and less over time.

Does it fit in with my lifestyle?

I have been asked this question at least 1000 times in my years as a trainer “what is the best program to lose weight” No matter who the person asking me was regardless of their age, gender, experience my response has been exactly the same. “the best program, is the one you can follow” Measure a program’s effectiveness not based on how well it will work over a period of time. Base it on how likely you will be to adhere to it in the long term. Does it match your lifestyle and allow you the freedom to do the things in life you also enjoy and are not prepared to give up. If the program fits into this then there is a good chance you are onto a winner.

These three key measures can help you determine very quickly when to stick and when to change. When you find a program or a routine that can tick these three boxes you are on a winning recipe. Even with results it is difficult to maintain the discipline of training without the fun and lifestyle fit. So, the next time you think about jumping into a new exercise regime ask those three key questions first.