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Weight Loss Plateau: Why Does It Occur & How Can It Be Fixed?

The difficulty of hitting a weight loss plateau can be excruciating. Even if you’re working hard to lose weight, your body will work even harder to maintain a healthy energy intake and output balance. The plain fact is that your body despises losing weight.

There may be physiological reasons for this, especially in the early phases of a diet. But it can occur if old habits are permitted to re-enter your routine. When your weight does not change, you have reached a weight loss plateau. 

Everyone who attempts to reduce weight eventually reaches a weight loss plateau. Even still, most people are surprised when this happens to them because they eat well and exercise regularly.

Why Does Weight Loss Plateau Happen?

When a person reaches a weight loss plateau, they will no longer lose weight while keeping a diet and workout plan. This happens after around six months of adopting a low-calorie diet, according to a study.

1. Not Paying Attention to Portions

When you’ve been doing your diet for a long time, you may start letting your guard down. Sometimes, it translates to not watching your portions anymore. Measure your food using cups and spoons. Use a digital scale if necessary.

2. Starting to Regress

When you reach a weight loss plateau and start regressing, you may have reached your target weight. But it does not mean that you are at the end of your weight loss journey.

Just as every person who has reached a weight loss plateau has done, you will probably have to exercise your way out of the plateau. Even if you are working out more, it doesn’t cross your mind that you might need more to break through weight-loss plateaus.

Don’t give up when you notice yourself regressing. 

3. Your Body May Have Adapted

Your body may have adapted, and staying at the same weight causes your body to produce less energy and accumulate fat to compensate.

The idea is to prevent your body from “acclimating” to the exercise plan you set. To maintain your body’s adaptability time, change the intensity, duration, frequency and/or form of exercise. You might also want to think about interval training.

4. Loss of Lean Body Mass 

When you lose lean muscle, your metabolism slows. Weight loss will slow as a result. A way to combat this is to ensure you are well-nourished. Keep your energy levels high by supplementing your body with multivitamins. 


Regardless of what you must do to break your weight loss plateau, it is essential to recognise the cause of the plateau to be able to fix it. If you can understand why you are plateauing, then you can adjust your plan accordingly to beat the plateau.

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