Reformer Pilates has all the benefits of standard mat-based Pilates, plus so much more. Our Pilates reformer works to build tone and strength in different areas of your body, predominantly the core muscles. Using the reformer machine, we’re able to help our clients target specific muscle groups, as well as improve their overall fitness. We’re thrilled to offer this service in Nunawading, close to Mitcham.

Enhance Your Strength and Posture

A standout reformer Pilates provider in east Melbourne, our qualified and professional reformer Pilates trainers at Element Fitness pride themselves on helping clients achieve results. Reformer Pilates is beneficial for people wanting to improve their overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These have a flow-on effect that can lead to positive changes in your daily life, such as better posture (a major issue for office workers stuck at a desk all day), and more graceful and efficient movement. Another major benefit some clients have reported is relief from pain attributed to physical imbalances, such as muscle or joint pain.

How Reformer Pilates Works

In our classes, clients will be working on the Pilates powerhouse muscles – located in the core – that are key to building your overall strength and improving other areas of your body. Using the reformer Pilates machine in each class, you will work towards flattening your abs, toning your buttocks and thighs, and strengthening the muscles in your back. By concentrating on these areas, your body will benefit from enhanced strength and control.

Find Out Why Pilates Reformer Nunawading Is The Best

Why do our clients think we’re the best reformer Pilates provider in Nunawading and Mitcham? Because it’s our goal to ensure that each person gets the most out of their experience and leaves each session feeling stronger and happier in their own skin. Whether you’re an athlete interested in solidifying your core strength, or you’re looking for a gentle way to recover from injury, or you’re just interested in this style of exercise, we’d love to hear from you!

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