Virtual FAQ

What program do you use to access the virtual classes & group training?

We will be using Zoom to provide the virtual group classes and virtual group training. Zoom is a free app to download. You can download to use on your phone or laptop. See below the link to download Zoom:


IT TIP – If you are downloading the zoom app on your laptop & you have a fairly new TV you can connect your laptop to your tv via a HDMI cable!

How do I book in for a virtual class?

The virtual classes will be live for you to view. To book in for a class download the app “Gymmaster” on your phone. Fill in your details and it will directly be put to the Element Fitness gym. 5 – 10 minutes before the class begins you will be sent a zoom link. Click on the link and you will be brought in the class.

Your details are:

Username = email address with Element

Password = Phone number with Element

What if you miss out on a class?

If you miss out on a live class you can view the class at another time. Head over to the Element Fitness website and on the top there is a members tab. Scroll down to Virtual Member Area and input the password which you have already been provided. The classes will be up for 48 hours

Group Fitness Timetable

The Group Fitness timetable can be viewed on our website under the classes tab or via the Gymmaster app.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the current package that I am on?

Yes you can at anytime! Get in touch with us and will go about changing what package you are currently on.

What additional services can I book?

You can book a 30 minute 1 on 1 session with one of our personal trainers. This is simply done through the Gymaster app. A 1 on 1 PT session is $20

If you are on a level one package and want to book yourself in to any of our classes casually it will only be $10 per class. This can also be booked in via the Gymmaster app

Can I hire equipment?

Yes you can! The level 3 package contains 1*CX WORX band, 1* Step, 4 risers, barbell with collars and a set of weights. However if you wished to hire out any other pieces of equipment email us on and will see what we can do

What happens if my financial situation changes?

Being on any of the packages is no commitment. You can cancel anytime.

How do I get access to the Element Fitness Private Forum?

If you have a facebook account search for the Element Fitness Facebook Group. Request an invite and will add you in. Alternatively click on the link below: