Wanty Widjaja

I am very grateful to be part of the virtual Element fitness community and it has been great doing virtual classes with the crew at Element during lockdown in Melbourne. I have enjoyed the interaction with all the instructors and other members. It is hard to stay motivated when you exercise at home by yourself so having virtual classes really help

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Craig Nicholson

During the second lockdown Craig has dedicated himself to a better diet and attending many of Element’s virtual classes.

“I have have lost 10.8kg in just over 2 months! ?‍♂‍”

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Reta Fullager

Every day l have either been doing a class or a recorded class l have lost 2 kilos. Very happy with this little win

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Gloria Sun

Working out regularly has improved my body shape and fitness levels. I’ve made some great friends that I love to work out with, and it feels good to have this time to myself to work on ME!

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Georgette Antzakas

I joined the gym last July after a period of a couple of years of some health concerns that resulted in weight gain and chronic pain & fatigue.I was made to feel comfortable immediately by the wonderful staff and I

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Cam Chivers

Element Fitness Has Changed My Perspective On Health And Fitness And Has Changed My Life For The Better. Cam Lost 10 – 12 Kgs Within 3 Months WOW

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