Pilates Reformers

Why Pilates Reformers Are Perfect for All Fitness Goals

In pilates, we often see people using mats for it. However, there is another form of pilates that not many people are aware of—it’s called reformer pilates. This form of pilates uses an elevated table-like device that has handles at the end, which can also be utilised for pilates.

In addition to the elevation and handles, the reformer device uses a spring system for resistance. By doing reformer pilates, you get a lot of benefits, no matter your fitness goal. Here are some of those benefits:

1. Works Out the Entire Body

Regular pilates on the mat mostly focuses on exercises that will strengthen the core. While reformer pilates also does that, it also expands on leg and arm exercises to work out the whole body. The device has handles that you can use to do these exercises. Some would even tie resistance bands to these handles to level up their work out further.

2. Resistance Control

Because you don’t rely solely on the floor for resistance, you don’t have to adjust to it. Instead, the reformer device uses springs that you can adjust to your liking and needs. If you want more resistance, you can adjust it to be more, and if you feel like it is too much, you can remove some springs to make it less.

3. It Offers Versatility

As mentioned before, there are more workouts you can do with reformer pilates than just pilates on a mat. Because of this, it gives you versatility when working out. Versatility is important because not only does it spice up your workout routine, but it also helps you to focus on different areas. If you overwork one part of the body, you may become counterproductive, so it’s great to exercise various parts.

4. Your Joints Will Not Be Overworked

Because you are in a lying position, you will not have to worry about fighting against gravity. In fact, it works your joints in a good way and is even used for rehabilitation. This is also safe for those with issues with their joints and will definitely benefit them greatly.

5. It Works Out Your Full Range of Motion

You don’t have to be limited with how far reform pilates will impact your body. Instead, the attachments that you can use on the equipment will allow you to train your full range of motion. This will make sure that you are utilising your body entirely and that you are recognising your full potential.

6. You Will Enjoy Working Out

Working out has never been more fun than with reform pilates. It allows you to challenge yourself and bring your exercising to whole new levels that you may not experience in other workouts. You will find creative ways to move your body and even do flashier moves that will look impressive. With reform pilates, you will always find something new to do that you have never tried before, so it will always be a fun experience.


You don’t have to rely solely on the mat for your pilates sessions. Instead, you can add the reformer equipment to the mix. This can even be more beneficial to you. With reformer pilates, you can make your workouts more challenging and your exercise more effective.

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