Finding Motivation When You’re Not in the Mood to Exercise

It’s not every day that you’re in high spirits. Finding the drive to exercise isn’t always easy, and it’s even more difficult when you don’t love it. However, you can still hype up yourself to perform the exercise that your body needs.

You’ll learn why it’s so vital to stay active, how to shift your mindset, and how to create your personalised routine in the sections below.

Turn Off Your Negative Mindset

If you despise the thought of exercising, it’s critical to strive to change your mind. Else, you’ll never get up and move. If you’re having trouble accepting the concept of exercising, try rephrasing it as being active or feeling healthy. 

Increasing the general amount of movement and activity in your day such as walking to a more distant bus stop or using the stairs instead of the elevator is a wonderful way to get started. 

You can even use the assistance of technology! A slew of apps can track your overall daily activity or encourage you to walk thousands of steps every day.

It Is Not Necessary to Exercise in a Hot Gym

If the idea of working out with a bunch of sweaty strangers in a room full of mirrors gives you the creeps, then don’t do it. Get outside and dance or go on a bike ride. There are numerous ways to exercise, all of which are beneficial.

If you’re having trouble finding activities you enjoy, consider getting active in the same way you think about washing your face. You don’t enjoy it, but you do it regardless since it’s beneficial for you.

Make Your Own Customised Routine

Keep in mind that you must commit to something in order for it to become habitual. Established a routine for when, how, and where you’ll exercise. Then, keep at it, even if you don’t feel like it. It’ll get simpler with practice and eventually become a habit you don’t have to think about.

Technology has you covered when it comes to getting moving—from more expensive wearable devices to a basic and free pedometer app on your phone.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. Walking, running, hiking, or simply kicking a ball around in the park are all free activities. In addition, YouTube is a fantastic resource for finding free, guided fitness regimens.

You may aim for thirty minutes of moderate activity every day. Make a date with yourself and decide on particular times when you can exercise. Those thirty minutes don’t have to be done all at once. You can break them up into smaller chunks.


Make a list of as many different types of activities as you can. When it’s time to get moving, keep your activity list handy. You’ll stay interested and motivated if you have a diverse menu of activities to pick from. Saving your favourite pastimes for days when you don’t feel like doing anything is a wonderful idea.

Any activity is beneficial to your health. However, the following is the perfect workout: a workout that incorporates strength training, flexibility training, and aerobic activity.

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