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What is Cardiovascular Fitness?

You know that to improve your health and wellbeing, you need to be able to move your body. Understanding your fitness needs is important and there are so many ways to incorporate cardiovascular fitness into your routines throughout your day. Cardiovascular training is also known as aerobic training and it’s just one of the methods you can use to improve your fitness. Cardio exercise can improve your heart and lung performance, keep the oxygen pumping around your body and increase your muscular endurance with the right cardio workouts. Whether you choose spin classes to improve your cardio fitness score, or you want to join a bungee fitness class, there are so many options to help.

Cardiovascular exercise, done for at least 30 minutes continuously, also works large muscle groups. You can also choose to mix up your cardio fitness with lifting weights and even with slower movement, but your cardio fitness can be anything from walking to boxing!

The Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness

If you want to improve your fitness, you need to learn: does core workout improve cardio? Will running be better than walking? Cardio fitness takes time to build up, and below, we go over the benefits of cardiovascular fitness for you.

Raising your heart rate

The whole point of cardiovascular fitness is to get your heart pumping. At Element Fitness, you can get your heart rate going with Body Pump or Boxing classes, BodyFit and more. The classes on offer can help you to improve your fitness and improve your oxygen levels in your body. You can choose to mix up your cardio fitness options and feel good for it as a result, burning calories and fat while improving your mental health all at the same time.

Maintaining your weight

While the main goal of cardiovascular fitness is to improve your heart and your muscles and feel fitter and healthier than ever before, you can also use it to maintain your weight. You can raise your heart rate and improve your body weight while you burn fat. No matter what your goals are, you can keep your body fit and healthy with the help of your cardio choices.

Making it fun

At Element Fitness, we provide fun alongside your cardio workout choices. Why go for a long and boring run when you can get together with likeminded people and work your body well? Sure, you can run with our Spirit classes, but you’ll have so much more fun with a new community group of people. Jump rope, for example, is a fun cardio exercise that will improve your fitness and make exercising fun!

Improved heart health

When you get your heart rate up for half an hour per day, you can build your muscles and improve your heart strength at the same time. You are going to control your blood pressure and lower your stress and that all helps your heart to be as healthy as possible.

Improving brain health

Getting involved in cardio exercise regularly will help you to clear your mind, help your mental health and improve thinking. Cardio can help you to achieve a great night of sleep and this is what you need for better mental health.

Improving your mood

There’s nothing better than that post-workout feeling after you have done some cardio. Hitting your body hard feels good and it really helps you to feel relaxed. Burning off tension and a lot of energy helps your body to feel good. Those hormones that are released in response to the workout helps your mood and makes you want to workout more and more!

Building your immune system

When you choose cardio exercise regularly, you are releasing the right white blood cells and antibodies into your body. These improve your body’s ability to fight infections and feel healthier. Cardio protects your body properly and reduces your risks of heart disease and strokes, too.

Managing joint issues

Cardio will help you to better manage your joints and make your body feel better as a result. You’ll reduce any stiffness and improve any arthritis pain that you may have experienced.

If you want to get the most from your cardiovascular fitness plan, you need to engage in cardio at least three times per week. You might have more time for it through the week rather than at the weekends, but to get the most of it you should think about booking classes with other like minded people who want to get the most from their fitness, too. This will keep you motivated and ready for your next class no matter what. You don’t have to have big blocks of your time dedicated to cardio, either, not when you can do HIIT – high intensity interval training – and still reach the same results.

Common Cardio Exercises

There are tons of choices when it comes to exercise and there are many different cardio exercises to sample! Some of the most popular cardio exercises include:

  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Classes like body pump
  • Sprinting
  • Power walking
  • Kayaking
  • Roller blading
  • Skiing
  • And much more!

Any of these that involve you having both feet off the ground are considered to be high impact. Some of the best examples here include body pump, boxing and jump rope, but as long as you are supporting your own body weight against the force of gravity, it’s high impact. Low impact cardio includes things that keep your feet on the ground – but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in intensity. There are also options for no impact cardio and this is largely performed in water. If you love to swim, you already engage in low impact cardio.

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