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How Can People Fit a Fitness Routine on a Busy Schedule?

On a regular busy day, 24 hours doesn’t seem enough to fit in all people’s needs to do. Most individuals struggle balancing work and life, putting them at risk of missing out on essential aspects in life such as But as 1.7 million Australians aged between 25 and 35 participated in fitness or gym activities in 2020, it’s best to consider forming a fitness routine on their busy schedules as much as possible. But how can people fit a fitness routine into their busy schedules? Here are some ideas.

1. Begin the Routine as Soon as Waking Up

The best time to exercise is in the early morning—an excellent way to boost energy levels throughout the day. Plus, exercising before work also provides an opportunity to explore a new route to work while saving time on a long journey.

If waking up early to exercise is too difficult, try waking up at 5 am, 30 minutes before your actual wake up time. This way, your body will still wake up at the time you usually get up. If you’re not waking up at 5 am, get to bed earlier and set the alarm.

2. Go Heavy on the Breakfast

Food is fuel, and the body needs food to function. If you want to survive the day, fuel your body with the proper nutrients. A great breakfast keeps your energy levels high and sets you up for a good day.

If you’re running late, then eat a healthy breakfast on the go to still get the best out of the day’s work. A quick scramble of a few eggs simply doesn’t cut it. The best alternative is to eat something rich in protein and fibre-rich. Meanwhile, lean meats and vegetables are also good options; think salmon, eggs and spinach.

3. Plan your Workouts

As important as it is, not all workdays are the same. Some days are full of meetings and conference calls, making it difficult to fit in a workout the same day. To stay on track and make fitness a priority, plan your activities.

Plan your workouts to fit your schedule. If you’re not sure what type of workout you want to do, there are many options. You can do a HIIT workout, lift weights, do yoga, or go for a run to improve cardiovascular health.

4. Stay Focused at Work

While work is important, it’s equally important to stay focused. If you want to visit productively, you need to figure out your priorities. You can do this by setting realistic goals and working on them throughout the day.

If you’re struggling to maintain focus, you can also apply the Pomodoro Technique. In short, the Pomodoro Technique is a time-management method that encourages short 25-minute sessions of intense work with short 5-minute breaks in between.

5, End the Day With Dinner

While planning your day, don’t forget to prepare your dinner. Dinner is a great time to relax and refuel your body with the nutrients it needs to repair tissue, organs, and muscles. While you can maintain a healthy diet while eating out, your best bet is to cook your favourite meals at home. Making your favourite things at home is also a great time to catch up with family and friends.


In short, eating right is just as important as exercising. However, both are equally important and effective in keeping your energy levels high and improving your overall health. By eating right and exercising regularly, it’s easy to maintain a healthy diet, lose weight, and improve your overall health. So, why not start your new healthy lifestyle now?

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