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11 Reasons Cardio Fitness Classes Keep You Going Strong

Did you know cardio fitness classes can benefit more than just your heart health or help you lose weight? As if those benefits weren’t enough on their own, cardio fitness classes can do so much more for your body and your mind. At our Mitcham gym, we provide the classes necessary to improve your health and keep you going strong. From body combat classes to cycling to having a boxing gym in Mitcham, we are sure to have a fitness class that interests you. Still not convinced? Here are eleven reasons to join our cardio fitness classes today.

Cardio – More Than Just Running

Most people hear the word cardio and instantly think of a treadmill or a long country run. But cardio isn’t all about running. In fact, there are a lot of cardio fitness classes that have nothing to do with running at all. Of course, you have your cycling classes which some people may associate with running. On the other hand, classes like boxing or HIIT workouts have a completely different atmosphere.

Improves Heart and Blood Health

As you can guess by the name, cardio workouts improve your overall heart and blood health in a few different ways. Cardio fitness classes can be especially helpful for people who have bad circulation or are at risk for heart disease. This is because cardio exercise strengthens more than just your muscles, it strengthens your heart.


In addition, cardio workouts improve overall blood flow and circulation. This is beneficial because it can lower blood pressure which can put you at risk for stroke or other health problems. It can also help improve blood sugar levels in people that have trouble maintaining healthy blood sugar such as diabetes.

Regulates Weight

Cardio is one of the best workouts to help regulate weight. There are a lot of myths about weight loss out there. The truth is, you can’t pick and choose exactly where you lose weight. You can try to target certain areas of your body by using focused workouts but the bottom line is, body fat is present everywhere in the body. That means that when you are working out, you are going to be working fat off in all areas.


Cardio fitness classes help you focus on certain areas for toning muscle, but your weight is a whole body problem with a whole body solution. Cardio improves circulation which allows your body to get the proper amounts of oxygen and nutrients to all areas of the body. This regulates weight by reducing overall body fat content and adding muscle where needed.

Reduced Asthma Symptoms

Just like any other body system, the respiratory system can be trained to improve function through workouts. Cardio regulates the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream and focuses on proper breathing. While it can be challenging to work on cardio exercises, when done safely and properly, they can actually reduce asthma symptoms and increase lung capacity.

Reduces Chronic Pain

With increased circulation and oxygen in the heart, lungs, and other body systems, cardio exercise raises nutrient levels in all body systems which reduces oxidative stress on the body. This stress is one of the key factors in chronic pain conditions that cause inflammation and discomfort. Regular cardio workouts can lead to an overall reduction in chronic pain conditions, especially when brought on by inflammation.

Improves Sleep

As you work out, your body exerts energy in a healthy way. It also works to produce natural chemical levels in the brain. You may have heard of using supplements to help you sleep such as melatonin. While there is nothing wrong with that, you can make your body do it naturally by attending cardio fitness classes. As your body naturally releases endorphins, it also balances hormones in the body that allow you to reach a deeper, more restful sleep and, in turn, have more energy during waking hours.

Boost Your Immune System

As you can imagine, all these chemical and functional benefits impact all body systems, not just one at a time. Your immune system is no different, it protects your body through the production of blood cells. When your blood health is improved so is your immune health and, in turn, your overall health.

Improves Cognitive Function

Your brain can also benefit from cardio workouts. Similar to all the other benefits, your brain functions better when it receives more oxygen and more natural chemicals are released. This leads to improved memory, focus, and faster information processing in the brain.

Improves Skin Health

We aren’t done yet. Cardio exercise does wonders for your overall health but it also improves other areas of health as well. With healthier blood flow, your skin can actually improve in both tone and hydration. Beyond that, working up a sweat regularly will help remove toxins in the skin that lead to acne and other skin conditions.

Improves Mood

Studies have proven that regular exercise can improve your overall mental health. Cardio fitness classes can help improve mood by releasing endorphins that help make you happier. Other benefits from cardio exercise such as improved sleep can also help improve mood. This is especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Improves Sexual Function

Finally, cardio can improve sexual function in both men and women. Beyond improving endurance in the bedroom, cardio exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to all areas, including sexual organs. This can lead to improvements for men experiencing erectile dysfunction and lead to more regular, enjoyable orgasms for women.

The bottom line is that cardio fitness classes are a great way to boost all body functions and lead to a happier and healthier way of life. If you’re looking for a great cardio workout or a boxing gym in Mitcham, check out Element Fitness today to see what we can do for you.