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8 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life and Wellness

I often get asked about quick fixes in relation to health and wellness. During these conversations it’s interesting to find out how most people seeking these changes generally have a lifestyle that disables the ability for them to create a mindset and routine that produces quality conditions to establish new habits.


During these chats, I try my best to help the person understand that a shift in small daily routines will have the biggest effect on their ability to implement any new training or nutrition plan. Below are my top 8 habits that if followed will change your life, mind and ability to tackle bigger change. It’s important to note, none if these things are expensive, take lots of time or are hard to do. I believe every human regardless of his or her fitness goal should be following these habits daily. I also believe that if these 8 things are done every day as an absolute non-negotiable, it builds a platform from which massive success can be achieved in further, more advanced health and fitness goals. By doing these consistently, not only will you be in physically better shape but also you will be in a superior mindset that will help in every area of your life.


  1. 20 min slow walk listening to audiobook (or podcast) daily
    If you’re not watering your garden daily the weeds will start to take over. Most people have no control of what is going into their minds on a daily basis. We live in a time where it’s so easy to access something inspirational to listen to each day. An audiobook per month is a great target to hit. Walking slowly outside while listening is a great way to shift your mood and thoughts in a positive direction for the day.
  2. Get some sunshine on your skin every day
    There are many benefits of 15-20 minutes of sun on the skin each day. The 3 that I think are worth noting are: Getting daily sun helps your sleep/wake cycle (i.e. you sleep better), increases your immunity against disease and has a positive impact on your mood.
  3. Daily gratitude journal
    Writing down some things you are grateful for is a practice that without doubt will make you more present, happier and a more content person. The key is to start small, start by just writing 1 thing down each night before you go to bed. Once that is a habit, moving to a daily gratitude journal of 5-10 things for which you are grateful will make you a better human.
  4. Drink 2.5 – 5l of water daily
    Most people are chronically dehydrated. Interestingly the 2 biggest symptoms of dehydration are: Lethargy and hunger, which drives poor food choices followed by poor sleep. This is a loop that can be rectified by moving to an adequate daily water consumption level.
  5. Eat 3 big serves of veggies every day
     I believe this is the first thing someone should fix before trying to adjust anything else diet related. Females should aim for 3 x 200g & Males 3 x 250g minimum fresh vegetables per day. Imagine how good you would feel if every day your 3 main meals had a large variety of colourful, nutritious vegetables. You would be vitamin and mineral rich with great digestion. Also, without trying this reduces overconsumption of highly palatable processed foods.
  6. Get 7-9 hours of quality sleep
    Sleep matters! Every part of cognition, mental and physical recovery is improved. Work as hard on your sleep and sleep routine as you would your exercise and nutrition plan.
  7. 10,000 steps per day minimum. Daily movement matters and as we age, we move less and less. Having a daily KPI around movement has a huge long-term positive health impact.
  8. Have a positive impact on those around you
     You can choose to be someone who saps the energy from others or leaves them in a better place. I know everyone goes through tough times, but by focusing on the negative that’s all you will attract. It’s funny; the people that have a positive impact on the mood of others around them actually have the biggest net positive shift themselves from feeling good in helping others. This can be a simple shift for many people that can massively change their lives and relationships for the better.


So, if you are stuck about where to get started with your health and fitness start with these 8 simple daily habits. They don’t cost anything and will 100% change your physical and mental state and put you on a positive path to health and wellness.