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Why isolation is driving you crazy (And how to combat it)!!

#1 You’re hitting snooze every day

It’s so easy to sleep in or hit snooze when you don’t exactly have anywhere to be in the morning but having structure and getting ready as if you’re going in to work is super important. Set an alarm at the same time every morning and stick to it. Plan a meeting or a phone call with a friend for first thing in the morning- having a reason that you MUST be out of bed will help get you started with this routine! 


#2 You’re not turning off your laptop

Switching off from work and having enough breaks throughout the day, is just as important as being motivated. It’s very easy to get overloaded with work and caught up in our tasks when we have access to it from home. Setting a time to “clock off” and switch your brain from work mode to home mode will help you wind down as if you have left the office. Closing your laptop screen and having enough breaks through out the day is super important for your mental health.

#3 You’re working in your pajamas.

The idea of working in your pj’s and slippers all day may sound appealing, especially now as we approach colder but this could be adding to your low energy! Having a shower, doing your hair and putting on your day clothes (even shoes) will signal to your body that it’s time to start your day and do wonders for your productivity. 

#3 It’s so hard to stay motivated to exercise

Getting in our 30 minutes of exercise a day is now more important than ever. However with our new “at home routine” it can also be more difficult then ever! We are at home much more and that incidental exercise that our bodies are used to has been cut out. Exercise is so important for our mind and body and the endorphin rush that follows will ensure we are feeling great! Start simple. It may be with a 30 min walk. Or doing a short body weight strength workout. Regardless of what it is- build this exercise into your routine!

If you’re struggling with motivation, feel free to contact one of our trainers or participate in one of our live zoom classes! Exercising with other Element members can help motivate you and ensure you’re still getting the benefits of exercise from home.

Handy tip- Book in for a 9 am Live class! That will serve as your “appointment” that will force you out of bed and not hit snooze!


#4 You’re feeling lonely or disconnected

An obvious reason why isolated people may feel low or anxious is that they can’t draw on the support of friends and families to help them deal with the difficult situation and share their worries and concerns. Isolation can make you feel very lonely at times but you are not alone. We are so lucky to be in an era where our friends are just a phone call away. Make time to socialize with your loved ones everyday. Pick up the phone, face time or send someone a text, reaching out to a friend will be beneficial to both of your mental health. Why not ask one of your friends to be your exercise partner and both log into a zoom call and do a workout together! A great way to catch up and get in that exercise for the day 🙂

#5 You’re always hungry

How many of us are guilty of eating just because we are bored! This is a common trap for staying at home a lot more than usual. With our fridge in our vision, and our cupboards only a few meters away, we tend to snack a lot more. Combat this by filling your kitchen with a lot of healthy guilt free snacks and making sure you’re still eating your proper meals throughout the day. Planning your meals is also a great idea to stay and track and now you’ve got a lot more time on your hands, you can try out that new recipe you’ve always wanted to, and get creative with your dishes!

#6 You’re lacking inspiration

Now is the perfect time to get creative and think outside of the box. The governments restrictions may limit us on doing some things but could open the doors to so many others! If you’re out of work and have a load of time on your hands, enroll in an online course that you’re interested in or maybe re arrange and re organize your bedroom. If you’re still working from home you could use online platforms to your advantage or maybe do some arts and crafts from home to relax. 

#7 You’re stuck with your parents, partner or children

We love them dearly, but we’re not used to spending every second of the day with them and with the external stressors of the pandemic, they may be getting on your nerves. To combat this, you need to create your own space and “me time”. Whether it’s going for a walk to clear the mind, setting up an office space your parents can’t enter or putting on a movie for the kids, everyone is entitled to their own “me time” and it’s necessary for our sanity. Let them know you love them and plan out some quality time in your day to spend with them as well as time to yourself.

#8 You’re watching to much news

This one is a major. Although it’s important to stay aware and up to date with all that’s going on in the world, to much over-load on this is a big cause of stress and anxiety. To avoid this down spiral of hearing negative news, limit yourself to only one news update a day and whatever that news is, don’t let it consume you!

#9 You’re not smiling enough!

In times like these all we can do is our best. If you’re feeling down, turn to those things that will lift you up. In addition to social distancing now is good time to practice SELF-DISTANCING. For hard thoughts, feelings, decisions, imagine what you would say to a friend who is also experiencing the effects of isolation. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the simple, brighter things in life. This will be sure 

Remember- Self-isolation isn’t always going to be “comfortable”. Embrace that, let it help you grow and be ok with figuring it out as you go along! If would like to chat with a Element trainer or get some more inspo- feel free to contact us through our website!